Why and When Did Natasha Lyonne and Fred Armisen Divorce?

Natasha Lyonne has stated that she and former “Saturday Night Live” comedian Fred Armisen have ended their relationship, citing a swimming pool as the cause.

The “Russian Doll” actress, 43, told The Hollywood Reporter that she and Armisen, 55, ended their eight-year relationship over a disagreement around the purchase of a pool when they resided in Los Angeles during the coronavirus outbreak.

“I believe our relationship ended because I desired a swimming pool. We love one other as much as two people can love each other, and we continue to communicate frequently, although Freddy dislikes swimming pools “She elaborated.

Who is Natasha Lyonne?

The American actress, director, writer, and producer Natasha Bianca Lyonne Braunstein were born on April 4, 1979. She is well-known for her roles as Nicky Nichols on Orange Is the New Black (2013-2019), for which she was nominated for an Emmy Award as Outstanding Guest Actress, and as Nadia Vulvokov on Russian Doll (2019-present), for which she was not only co-created but also executive produces, writes, and directs.

Natasha Lyonne and Fred Armisen Divorce

Three Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, have been given to Lyonne for the latter. Poker Face, a Peacock mystery series, features her as Charlie Cale (2023-present).

Who is Fred Armisen?

Fereydun Robert Armisen The American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and musician was born on December 4, 1966, and is multi-talented. Armisen was a co-creator and co-star of the IFC sketch comedy series Portlandia with his comedy partner Carrie Brownstein.

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With Bill Hader and Seth Meyers, he co-created and stars in the mockumentary IFC series Documentary Now! (2015-present). Together with John C. Reilly and Tim Heidecker, he co-created and stars in the comedy series Moonbase 8 (2020-present) on Showtime. During his time on The Looney Tunes Show, he provided the voice for Speedy Gonzales (2011–2013).

Armisen is the leader and regular drummer for the house band on Late Night with Seth Meyers, The 8G Band, as well as the founder of ThunderAnt.com, which contains the comedy skits made with Brownstein. Armisen also gained widespread recognition during his eleven-year run (2002–2013) on the NBC late-night sketch comedy and variety show Saturday Night Live.

Why Did Natasha and Fred Break Up?

Natasha Lyonne has announced that she and Fred Armisen have broken up, citing a fight about swimming pools as the reason for their separation. The actress told The Hollywood Reporter that she and Armisen were together during the COVID epidemic in Los Angeles, but that they are no longer together.

Natasha Lyonne and Fred Armisen Divorce

The 43-year-old “Russian Doll” star said, “I honestly think we broke up because I wanted a swimming pool.” We love one another as much as any two people can love each other, and we communicate often, but Freddy doesn’t like swimming pools. While this may seem like an inconsequential cause to end things, remember: “during that pandemic, you’ve got to get your laps – I’m like Burt Lancaster in ‘The Swimmer.”

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Lyonne has recently settled down in Los Angeles, where she has a house complete with a swimming pool. So that’s the true scandal, the “Orange Is the New Black” star joked. Having lived on both coasts, “I think I am a true bicoastal” In 2014, the actress and the “Saturday Night Live” alum, then aged 55, were first linked together when they both attended Lorne Michael’s pre-Emmys party at the Tower Bar in the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood.

Lyonne disclosed the introduction in a September 2019 Glamour cover story, saying that Maya Rudolph, a coworker of Armisen’s at “SNL,” was responsible. Armisen called himself a “bad husband” to ex-wife Elisabeth Moss from 2009 to 2011 during an appearance on the “WTF with Marc Maron” podcast in June 2016.

From 1998 until 2004, he was also married to the singer Sally Timms. Before the 2020 Golden Globes, Lyonne and Armisen were spotted together only once.

When Did Natasha and Fred, First Meet?

It was in 2014 that Natasha Lyonne and Fred Armisen began their relationship. In Studio 8H history “We’re the only couple who had a sex tape nobody wanted to buy,” she joked. According to Vanity Fair, the pair first met at a dinner hosted by Netflix at the Chateau Marmont following the 2014 Emmy Awards.

According to a 2019 Glamour article, Natasha revealed that the two actors first met through a common friend, Maya Rudolph. Natasha stated, “I was going through a tough journey, as we know.” She was referring to her well-documented struggles in the past.

Natasha Lyonne and Fred Armisen Divorce

Their first meeting was as wild as we imagined it to be, so it’s safe to assume that Natasha’s rough-around-the-edges fascination won over Fred Armisen. Natasha was wearing a silk robe, sunglasses, and a chain of cigarettes when Maya and Fred dropped by her apartment. You’ve been given a precious gift in this woman.

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“I whipped out a copy of Please Kill Me and signed it, saying, “Welcome, youngster. What a great name—Fred. Sending birthday greetings your way. Have fun reading! She revealed that “he still has it” in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What Caused Fred and Natasha to Separate?

In an April story by The Hollywood Reporter, she stated, “I had been living in Los Angeles with Fred and during COVID.” Sincerely, I believe we broke up because I desired a swimming pool. The But I’m a Cheerleader star said that despite the breakup, they remained friends.

When Fred and Natasha Broke Up?

After the couple was last spotted together at the 2020 Golden Globes, rumors about their breakup began to circulate in September 2021, when the Daily Mail received images of Lyonne holding hands with an unknown man.

Who Did the SNL Star Natasha Lyonne Date?

Onstage with Natasha Lyonne during her SNL monologue was her ex-boyfriend Fred Armisen.

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