Why Did Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Divorce? Know Full Information

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have split up. A source close to the couple notes that their separation occurred earlier this week and was amicable.

“They are both extremely busy, which contributed to the breakup,” says a second source. There is no conflict.

The breakup was initially reported by E! News. According to sources, the ex-couple has “a great deal of love and respect for each other,” but long distance and their busy schedules “made it extremely impossible to sustain a relationship.”

Why Did Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian Split?

After battling with long distance and their demanding lifestyles, Pete and Kim “agreed to just be friends,”. Saturday Night Live star was filming in Australia when they broke up, while the SKIMS owner is still in California and, according to sources, is focusing on her kids and business.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Divorce

A source informed Entertainment Tonight that “the spark between” them had “faded” and that their busy schedules were to blame for the breakup. Kim still finds Pete “very nice,” but she “didn’t feel ready for something serious with him,” according to the article.

They had loads of chemistry, and still do, but she kind of wants to be single and date,” the insider dished further about the couple’s romantic history. They went on to say, “There’s no drama or anything weird between them now, but Kim still adores Pete and will always be friends with him.”

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It’s no secret that the star of The Kardashians is very busy raising four children and running a variety of businesses and collaborations, which makes it challenging to maintain a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, Pete. The tycoon is presently executive producing her family’s reality TV show while running her own KKW Beauty, SKIMS, and SKKN businesses. In addition, Pete is working on a movie with Orland Bloom in Australia, titled Wizards!, which is set for release in 2023.

A source close to Kim has told E! News that the actress isn’t ready to settle down with Pete, whom she started seeing only six months after filing for divorce from Kanye West.

When Did Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian Meet?

Given that Kim and Pete reside on separate coasts, there were few occasions for them to meet paths. Their first known encounter occurred in 2019 when they were in the same room for Kid Cudi’s birthday celebration.

Robert De Niro hosted the small meal at his favorite restaurant, Nobu. Kim, Kanye West, Timothée Chalamet, and Pete Davidson were all present. Kim even shared three images that evening depicting the men seated at a table.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Divorce

A few months later, Jimmy Fallon inquired about Pete’s participation in the legendary meal, and the comedian disclosed that he had to foot the cost. His objective was to host a birthday dinner for Kid Cudi. However, he was utterly taken aback when Kim, Kanye, and Kanye’s extravagant tastes joined them.

The entire tab was charged to the card of the King of Staten Island actor. Pete joked, “We’re sitting there, and I’m messaging my booking agent, ‘Yo, you need to schedule more performances.'”

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There are no further documented encounters between Kete and any other individuals before the Met Gala in September 2021.

Moreover, Kim’s hosting debut on SNL in October 2021 was when things truly began to take off. A few weeks later, they were captured on camera holding hands while riding at Knott’s Scary Farm in Buena Park, California.

From When Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian Started Dating?

Kim recounted on ‘The Kardashians’ how she and Pete began dating.
On the eighth episode of Season 1 of The Kardashians, Kim revealed how she and Pete began dating. She stated, “When we kissed in-scene on Saturday Night Live, it was simply a vibe.” “And I was like, ‘Oh s—t. Perhaps I just need to try something new.'”

Pete did not end up attending Kim’s after-party following her hosting of SNL. Kim reached out to one of the show’s producers a few days later to request his contact information. She sent Pete a text message.

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Kim remarked on the episode, “I wasn’t even thinking, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to be in a relationship with him.'” “I was merely thinking, “Heard about this BDE. Need to be outside.’ Like, I. just need to kickstart my … I was essentially DTF.”

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Divorce

Pete Davidson removes tattoos related to Kim Kardashian in January 2023. Photographers saw Davidson shirtless on a Hawaiian beach with his new girlfriend, Chase Sui Wonders. The photographs reveal that all of his Kardashian-related tattoos, including “my girl is a lawyer” and “Kim,” have been gone.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What Happened Between Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian?

In August 2022, a source informed branding iron online, “They parted peacefully this week.” After nine months of dating, the couple decided to part ways. Before they decided to separate, Kardashian and Davidson attempted to make a long-distance relationship work.

What Attracted Kim Kardashian to Pete Davidson?

During the episode’s confessional, she stated, “Pete has the best heart.” “People seem to have the impression that he dates all of these beautiful women. And he does. But he is the kindest, most considerate individual.”

Kim still adores Pete and will always be friends with him.

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