When and Why Did Maggie Murdaugh Divorce? Know Complete Case

A copy of the will of Maggie Murdaugh, the wife of the disgraced South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh, shows that she bequeathed all of her assets to him before she and their son were murdered in June.

Alex Murdaugh, 53, has been under intense public scrutiny for months since his wife, 52, and their son, 22, were found shot several times on June 7 at their home in rural Islandton, South Carolina, about 65 miles west of Charleston.

Did Maggie Met Divorce Lawyer Before She and Her Son Assassinated?

Reports have surfaced that weeks before she and her son’s bodies were discovered in their June hunting cabin, Alex Murdaugh’s late wife Maggie visited a divorce attorney to discuss the idea of leaving their marriage. She allegedly investigated their financial situation and made plans for her future independence.

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In late April, the legal heir’s wife reportedly drove an hour from their home to Charleston to meet with a divorce attorney. She “was checking into” the family’s assets, according to the insider, though it’s not entirely clear what the conversation had been about.

Maggie Murdaugh Divorce

According to our informant, “she didn’t pay close attention to the family money or where it came from,” but she is now beginning to investigate this topic. Additionally, Alex’s coworker claims he began to notice the couple’s connection had changed when Maggie stopped stopping by the workplace to have lunch with her husband.

Murdaugh’s spokesperson Amanda Loveday dismissed the claims, saying they were “completely incongruous” with what Murdaugh’s friends and family had said.

According to Loveday, “we have studied many years’ worth of text messages on Alex’s phone,” and their chats “portray a very love connection” between Alex and Maggie. We ask that the media refrain from publishing rumors about the Murdaugh family that have no basis in fact until the investigation into Maggie and Paul’s murders has concluded.

Alex Murdaugh Denies Maggie Considered Divorce Before Her Death

Two Murdaugh family members, mother Maggie, and son Paul were discovered dead on the expansive property on June 7. People claimed Maggie “met with a divorce attorney in Charleston, S.C.” citing anonymous law enforcement sources.

The same insider reportedly claimed to the magazine that Maggie was “beginning to look into” the origins of the family fortune. Even though she “didn’t pay careful attention to the family money or where it came from,” the insider said that she is now wondering about this.

In the following assessment, critics kept piling on. “Behind the black ties and elegant clothes were miserable individuals,” a presumed different associate of the Murdaugh family told People in a different piece.

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One further source claims Maggie has stopped dropping by Alex’s legal office. Another piece of information from that same source is that Maggie and Paul didn’t interact at all during the recent office Christmas party. Moreover, it was said that a few days before her death, Maggie and Alex didn’t communicate at a baseball game.

Maggie was supposedly “angry” and “aggravated,” according to the magazine’s anonymous source. Alex reportedly took peanuts to the seats where the family was sitting “and just tossed them” to Maggie without saying a word. The insider told the publication, “It was odd.” Something didn’t seem quite right. A representative for Alex Murdaugh said it was “completely incongruous” with what family and friends had said that Maggie was considering divorce while looking into the family’s massive empire.

Paul Murdaugh and his mother were both murdered in a boating accident for which he was accused. Later, Paul’s father and Maggie’s spouse Alex Murdaugh was accused of murder to obtain a $10 million life insurance payout for his surviving son Buster Murdaugh.

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The family’s status in South Carolina’s legal community helped propel their problems into the national spotlight. For eight decades, Murdaugh served as the elected district attorney. Before being accused of embezzling money from his firm, Alex Murdaugh worked as both a prosecutor and a private attorney. During a court hearing on September 16th, Murdaugh’s attorneys argued that he required treatment for opioid addiction.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Who is Margaret Murdaugh?

Maggie owned all of the family’s Moselle land and shared ownership of the family’s Edisto beach house. Maggie had three mortgage obligations totaling more than $2 million at the time of her death.

Why is the Murdaugh Family Famous?

Since 2014, Richard “Alex” Murdaugh and other members of the Murdaugh family have been investigated for multiple murders, corruption, and other alleged crimes, such as insurance fraud, scamming clients, theft of insurance benefits, and drug-related offenses.

Who Killed Paul and Maggie?

Alex Murdaugh is charged with the murders of his 52-year-old wife, Maggie Murdaugh, and 22-year-old son, Paul Murdaugh, whose bodies were discovered on the family’s remote Colleton County property on June 7, 2021.

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