When Did Cindy Williams File for Divorce From Bill Hudson?

Cindy Williams was nominated for a Golden Globe. She was known for her work on the hit show Laverne & Shirley and other things. During her many decades in Hollywood, she also worked on movies like American Graffiti by George Lucas, The First Nudie Musical, Happy Days, and more.

When she wasn’t wowing on the sets of great TV shows and movies, the 75-year-old was busy raising her children and spending time with her husband at the time. In the wake of Cindy’s death, here is everything you need to know about her marriage to musician Bill Hudson, 73, their life together, and more.

Who Was Cindy Williams?

Cynthia Jane Williams was an American actress and producer who was born on August 22, 1947 and died on January 25, 2023.

Cindy Williams Divorce

She was best known for her role as Shirley Feeney on the TV sitcoms Happy Days (1975–1979) and Laverne & Shirley (1976–1982). She was also in the movies American Graffiti (1973) and The Conversation (1974). (1974).

Who Was the Husband of Cindy Williams?

Cindy only had one marriage in her lifetime. Bill first met the late beauty when she was 35 and he was 33. Bill and his then-fiancée wed in 1982 and had a long marriage that lasted until their divorce in 2000. Cindy and Bill’s marriage did not work out, even though little is known about its private details.

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Before Cindy, Bill was married to 77-year-old Death Becomes Her actress Goldie Hawn from 1976 until their divorce in 1982. The dissolution of this couple’s marriage was more openly discussed in recent years, with both partners bringing it up on multiple occasions. During an interview with Loose Women in 2016, the blonde bombshell explained why she would not remarry after Bill.

“We’ve been married before and it didn’t work out, so why do it again?” remarked Goldie of her decades-long relationship with 71-year-old actor Kurt Russell.

When Did Cindy Williams File for Divorce From Hudson?

Cindy Williams was no longer married at the time of her death. The “Laverne & Shirley” star filed for divorce from musician William L. Hudson on Wednesday, citing unspecified irreconcilable differences, her attorney Gary M. Olsen said.

The actress, who is 52 years old, is seeking joint custody of their 14-year-old son. Hudson, 51, was previously married to Goldie Hawn, an actress. They gave birth to two children: Oliver Hudson and “Almost Famous” actress Kate Hudson.

In the 1976-1983 television sitcom, Williams portrayed Shirley Feeney opposite Penny Marshall’s Laverne De Fazio.

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Unfortunately, in 2011, Bill disparaged his time spent with Goldie in an interview with The Daily Mail. “I’m sick and weary of her giving a pristine image to the world when her actual life is so different. She is manipulative, vicious, and self-centered.

I’ve written this book to demonstrate the opposite side of the Hollywood dream. Bill stated at the time, “I got caught up in Goldie’s world, and I am now paying a heavy price.” In the same year, he published a biography titled 2 Versions: The Other Side of Fame and Family, by Bill Hudson. Two children were born to the artist and Goldie: actress Kate Hudson, 43, and their son Oliver Hudson, 46.

Has Cindy & Bill Had Kids?

During Cindy and Bill’s marriage, they welcomed two children. In 1982, Emily Hudson, age 41, was born to The First Nudie Musical star and Bill during their first year as a married pair. Emily entered their lives as Cindy was filming the seventh season of Laverne & Shirley, as Cindy explained in a 2015 TODAY interview. “I imagined they would cover [her baby bump] behind benches, couches, and cushions, but that wasn’t the case,” she stated at the time.

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“When it came time for me to sign my contract for that season, I was required to work on my due date. I stated, “You know, I’m unable to sign this.” And it went back and forth and back and forth, but the issue was never resolved. Afterward, [shows] would construct nurseries on sets.”

Cindy Williams Divorce

In 1986, Cindy gave birth to her 37-year-old son Zachary Hudson. Although her two adult children lead private lives, they did attend their mother’s 2004 Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in solidarity. Kate and Oliver have two notable half-siblings: Emily and Zachary. During a January 2021 episode of her podcast, Sibling Revelry, the Almost Famous singer revealed her desire to reconnect with her father’s children.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Hudson married Cindy Williams in 1982 and they had two children, Emily (b. 1982) and Zachary (b. 1986) before divorcing in 2000.
Who is Kate Hudson’s Biological Father?
Bill Hudson is Kate Hudson’s real father.
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