Why Monique & Chris Samuels Get Divorced, From Love & Marriage: DC?

Monique and Chris Samuels confess that their marriage is “struggling,” but the Love & Marriage: DC stars deny divorce rumors made at Bravocon. Even without attending Bravocon 2022, Monique became the talk of the town.

Ashley Darby revealed shocking information about her former co-star during the panel for The Real Housewives of Potomac. After ten years of marriage, reports from official sources said that Monique and Chris were on the verge of divorce.

Who is Chris Samuels?

Chris Samuels was born on July 28, 1977. He played college and professional football in the United States. He was an offensive tackle in the National Football League (NFL) for ten years.

Monique and Chris Samuel Divorce

He played football in college for the University of Alabama and was named an All-American by everyone. Samuels was picked third overall in the 2000 NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins (now the Washington Commanders). He played his whole career in the NFL for the Redskins and was named to the Pro Bowl six times.

Who is Monique Samuels?

Monique and Chris Samuel Divorce

Monique Samuels is a television personality from the United States. She is well-known for her roles on The Real Housewives of Potomac and Love & Marriage: DC.

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Samuels was born in the New Jersey city of Atlantic City. She grew up in Pleasantville, New Jersey, graduated from Pleasantville High School, and then dropped out of Duquesne University to pursue a music career in Washington, D.C. In 2012, Samuels wed former football player Chris Samuels. The couple is the parents of three children. They are Potomac, Maryland, residents.

Has Monique Samuels and Chris Separated From Each Other?

The couple denies that they are separated or on the path to divorce. Monique states, “When you use the term ‘separation,’ you are implying divorce. Chris and I, are we getting a divorce?

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No, we’re not getting a divorce. Am I and Chris moving in separate directions? Certainly not. Nobody ever mentioned that, all right? Samuels termed “pathetic” the individuals who praised the rumor of divorce and the possible rupture of her marriage to the former NFL player.

Monique and Chris Are Working on ‘Personal Issues

Monique claims that she and her husband finally reached a breaking point after years of marriage because of all the needs in their relationship that went unmet or misunderstood. However, they decided against getting a divorce. Each partner in Monique and Chris‘s marriage is seeking treatment to “work on their difficulties” to keep their relationship together. Despite the “gap” that exists in Monique and Chris‘ marriage, the OWN star claims she is not going for a divorce.

“Will Chris and I be breaking up? No, we’re not going through with the divorce “As Monique put it. She added that no paperwork for a divorce or legal separation has been submitted. Christopher, 9, Milani, 7, and Chase, 3, are the children of the couple who married in 2012. During Monique’s three seasons on RHOP, Chase was there and received open arms.

Monique’s friend and former co-star Ashley made a remark at the RHOP panel at Bravocon that sparked rumors of a divorce. Ashley, who is divorcing Michael Darby herself, said that she and Monique were “going through some personal stuff.” Monique and Chris’s immediate response to the rumors of their impending divorce after the disclosure.

Monique responded to Chris’s allegations of adultery by posting a video of the two of them laughing on social media. Monique and Chris have now released a lengthy video outlining their stance and refuting the rumors.

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On Love & Marriage: DC, Chris and Monique’s conflict was front and center. While Monique wished Chris to recognize and value her efforts as a wife and mother, Chris preferred to avoid conflict at all costs. Chris’s casual attitude toward Monique’s requests exacerbated her aggravation, leading to several on-screen confrontations.

Many commenters accused Monique of being cruel to Chris and always looking for an argument. They weren’t simply fighting for the cameras, as evidenced by the fact that they were in treatment together. Both Monique and Chris were venting their desperation to one another. For season 2, I’m hoping for a stronger and more confident return.

Frequently Asked Questions…

When Did Chris Samuels Meet His Wife?

“When I met Chris, I was 19 years old.” Therefore, we have known each other for a very long time and cultivated a friendship, and that friendship grew into a romantic connection.

What Happened to Chris and Monique?

We wanted to focus on becoming excellent parents for our children.” Monique said that she and Chris are “absolutely still together” and have “not abandoned their marriage.” We didn’t split up.

How Long Has Monique Samuels Been Married?

After ten years of marriage, Monique and Chris stated on YouTube just one day after various reports suggested the pair were separating.

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