Why Did Leah and Jaylen Break Up With Each Other?

Why did Leah and Jaylan end their relationship? Fans of Teen Mom want nothing more than for Leah Messer to have her happily ever after with the right man. Many individuals believed that man to be Jaylan Mobley. This article will discuss the reasons for Leah and Jaylan’s breakup.

Why Did Leah And Jaylan Break Up?

Why Did Leah and Jaylin Breakup

The Sun reported that Leah suspected Jaylan of infidelity, citing an unnamed source. Fans are inquisitive about what transpired, but since Leah has not confirmed the charges and there is no evidence, everything is merely speculation. Teen Mom actress Leah Messer popped the question to her boyfriend Jayl firsty in Costa Rica on their one-year dating anniversary in August.

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Two months later, in October 2022, they separated, claiming they had decided to find new love. The cause behind their separations is unknown. There are rumours, though, that Jaylan cheated on her. It was also seen that they had been making fun of each other online for some time.

How Long Were Jaylan Mobley and Leah Messer Together?

The mother of three disclosed that Jaylan proposed during their first-anniversary trip to Costa Rica in August.

Before the proposal, the couple had taken a significant step in their relationship by purchasing a new home in April. In Touch exclusively disclosed that the home was purchased in the name of a U.S. Army officer. On October 13, Jaylan was observed transferring his possessions from his home to moving trucks.

According to TMZ’s sources, he was relocating 45 minutes away from the home he shared with the television personality. Leah is likely to remain at home with her three children. The veteran MTV star bears twin daughters with her first ex-husband, Corey Simms, and with her second ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert.

Was Leah Messer Cheated on by Jaylan Mobley?

Why Did Leah and Jaylin Breakup

There were reports that Leah and Jaylan broke off their engagement because he was unfaithful, which began spreading just days after the pair announced their split. Leah discovered papers suggesting Jaylan had been unfaithful during their relationship, which was “terrible” for the reality star, as reported by The Sun.

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When asked for comment, both Leah and Jaylan turned down In Touch’s request. Representatives for both Leah and Jaylan refused In Touch’s request for comment. Leah finally spoke out about the separation rumors on Twitter on October 17th. We’re rock solid while y’all are trippin’ over the cause of the separation, she wrote. We are resetting our sights and making a smooth passage to brighter times ahead.

Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley: Do They Have Children?

Leah has three daughters from her two previous marriages, both of which occurred before to her meeting with Jaylan. During her 2010-2011 marriage to Corey Simms, she gave birth to twin daughters Aliannah Hope Simms and Aleeah Grace Simms. Following her first divorce, she was married to Jeremy Calvert from 2012 until 2015, during which time they had a daughter named Adalynn Faith Calvert. There are nevertheless no children between Leah and Jaylan.

Before Their Breakup, What Did Leah Messer Say About Living With Jaylan Mobley?

Why Did Leah and Jaylin Breakup

In an August video interview with In Touch, Leah discussed how her daughters adapted to living with Jaylan. “It occurred organically,” she stated at the time. If the situation had been different, I believe we would have reevaluated everything and discussed it with one another.
The native of West Virginia also discussed having children with Jaylan.

She stated, “All I know is that we love one other, and that’s the foundation I want to establish for our relationship, my children, and our future children.” “And this is roughly where we stand.” While the former couple was settling into their new house, an exclusive source told In Touch on November 4 that the former NASA employee “pocketed” the down payment money Leah provided him.

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“I’m not entirely sure what transpired since I don’t believe Leah knows,” claimed a source close to the pair. “He told Leah he needed a down payment for the house, and I’m 99 percent certain she now realizes there was no down payment.”

In Touch confirmed that Jaylan acquired a VA loan, often known as a mortgage from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, for the full purchase price. According to the website of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, a down payment is not required for a VA loan as long as the sales price does not exceed the home’s appraised worth.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Are Jaylen and Leah Still a Couple?

They share a residence and have even discussed having children. In addition, Leah’s daughters are already fans of Jaylan. Sadly, none of these factors were sufficient to keep the marriage together. In an Instagram post that has since been removed, Leah announced in October 2022 that she and Jaylan had mutually decided to separate ways.

What is Jaylan Mobley’s Occupation?

Jaylan Mobley now serves as a First Lieutenant and Deputy Team Chief for the Defense Cyber Operations Element in the West Virginia Army National Guard. In addition, He serves as the Assistant Supervisor of the West Virginia National Guard IT Technician J6-North Team.

Did Leah and Jaylen Get Married?

Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley separated only two months after becoming engaged.

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