Have Rachel and Bryan Filed for Divorce?

Bachelorette alums Rachel Lindsay and her husband Bryan Abasolo are one of Bachelor Nation’s longest-standing couples. Some admirers wonder if the couple is still together or if they divorce each other, given that they are both engaged in thriving jobs. Continue reading for the update!

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Continue to Private Their Relationship

Rachel and Bryan Divorce

Their decision to conceal their relationship from social media has fueled divorce rumors. Rachel is well aware of the detrimental effect this has on their relationship.

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Rachel commented, “I find it intriguing that people want to determine the success and happiness of our relationship based on the quantity of social media postings, comments, likes, and tales we share. By selecting our disclosures with care, we remain true to who we are as a couple. It is so simple to fall prey to social media as an indicator of one’s relationship state. But how often have you seen a couple write about their love and happiness on the same site, just to announce their breakup two days later?

Don’t fret when days, weeks, or even months pass without a social media post from Rachel and Bryan. She continued, “We are doing well here in private, cherishing our love and constructing a future together on social media.”

Rachel Lindsay Says She’s Still Dealing With “Bachelorette” Fans’ Divorce Rumors

Rachel Lindsay recently discussed her long-distance marriage to Bryan Abasolo and revealed that she is still dealing with Bachelor Nation followers who believe the couple has separated.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Rachel said, “What people don’t realize is we were pretty much long-distance before [we got married] with all the traveling that I was doing pre-COVID-19. I didn’t have a place somewhere else, but I was never at home because I was always traveling. And so for us, you know, we know how to work this out and navigate it, and we have an end goal in mind. This is not a forever situation.”

She added that the reason she opened up about it in the first place is that “there was so much speculation about whether or not we were still together.”

BTW, the fact that Rachel and Bryan do not post about every hangout on social media does not indicate that they are not dating: “I don’t want to be on social media constantly. For whom am I doing this? No, we do not need that. We’re attempting to spend as much time as possible with one another.”

Are Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Still Together?

Rachel and Bryan Divorce

Lindsay was repeatedly asked by her fans why she does not publish images with Absasolo.

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Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo met in 2017 on the thirteenth season of The Bachelorette. Rachel and Bryan were married in Mexico in 2019. Rachel went from Dallas, Texas to Miami, Florida to Bryan during their engagement.

Yes, they are still together and living happily with their dog in Los Angles.

Do Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Have Children?

Bryan Abasolo stated, “The questions I receive most frequently on social media are: where is Bryan and when are you having children?”

“Many individuals are like, ‘Um, you said you were going to begin.'” We do. We intend to,” Rachel told Life & Style exclusively in 2020 I am aware that there is no ideal moment and that we have our schedule, but it is still something we want to accomplish.”

Rachel stated, “Let me be frank, Bryan is none of your business. I am joking well half joking. I update the reasoning behind the inquiries, the curiosity, and the interest. We met on a reality television show centered on finding love. The audience became invested in our story, our love, and our future.”

Rachel and Bryan Divorce

“So quite naturally, the audience wants to know what we are doing if we are okay, and what is next for our future. They want the love story to still play out for their public perception. But our contractual public story ended on August 7, 2017. At that point, we decided that we wanted to control the future of our relationship.”, She continued.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Are Bryan and Rachel Still a Couple?

Since their wedding, they have lived together in Los Angeles with their dog.

Where are Rachel and Brian Currently?

They reside in Los Angeles with their pet.

Do Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Have Children?

No, Rachel And Bryan have no children yet.

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