Is Family Murderer Chris Watts Still Alive?

Shanann Watts, who was expecting her third child with husband Chris and father to Bella and Celeste, disappeared on August 13, 2018, after failing to show up for a doctor’s appointment. Chris initially cooperated with authorities and said he was unaware of Shanann’s and the daughters’ whereabouts.

He addressed the media to convey his grief at their absence and his hope that they would soon return home safely. Only when Chris failed a lie detector test miserably on August 15, 2018, did he become a serious and major suspect in the disappearance of Shanann and the girls.

Chris Watts blew a huge hole through the lie detector test. Chris eventually confessed to killing Shanann, but denied killing the girls. He claimed that his wife Shanann was responsible for the murders of their girls and that he had taken his own life as retribution.

Is Family Murderer Chris Watts Still Alive?

Chris Watts is still alive. Chris Watts was sent from a Colorado jail to the Dodge Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisconsin, due to security concerns.

Is Chris Watts Still Alive

Three years after acquiring a new identity and fading from public view, Nichol Kessinger, the girlfriend for whom Watts murdered his family, reconnected with him, according to a March 2021 piece in the Daily Mail.

David Carter, a fellow inmate, reportedly overheard the source saying, “He told me she said that she needed to speak to him to clear some things up, He wouldn’t tell me exactly what she had said.”

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Dead Bodies Were Found at the Construction Site

Chris correctly anticipated the location where the bodies of Shanann, Bella, and Celeste would be found by the police, and that location turned out to be one of the construction sites where he was working for the Anadarko Petroleum Company prior to his arrest.

Shanann’s body was discovered buried in a small grave close by, while the daughters’ bodies were discovered inside the oil tanks. Chris pled guilty in November 2018 to the killings of Shanann, Bella, and Celeste.

Is Chris Watts Still Alive

Three counts of tampering with a deceased human body, one count of wrongful termination of a pregnancy, and two additional counts for the killings of Bella and Celeste because they were under 12 years old were filed against him. He was also charged with five counts of first-degree murder (one for each person he killed).

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Why Did He Decide to Kill His Loved Ones?

Before his arrest, Chris Watts kept quiet about the deaths. In February of 2019, he reportedly informed investigators that he had an affair with his then-girlfriend Nichol Kessinger, which led to the breakup with Shanann. After they got into an argument, he blamed Shanann for him never hearing from his girls again.

Shanann was later strangled to death by Chris. Based on their findings, he told police he “snapped” and “was in a rage” before realising the seriousness of his actions.

“Every time I think about it, I’m just like, ‘Did I know I was going to do that?’ I didn’t want to do this, but I did it, I don’t even want to say it felt like I had to, it just felt like there was already something in my mind that was implanted that I was gonna do it and when I woke up that morning it was gonna happen and I had no control over it.”

Chris reportedly told 4-year-old Bella, “Mommy don’t feel good,” in response to her question about what was wrong with her mother. Finally, Chris pulled Shanann’s dead body down the stairs of their home. According to him, Bella was a “smart girl” who “knew what was going on” and was crying because of it.

After loading Shanann’s body in the trunk, he drove to the oil site with Bella and Celeste in tow. After he had suffocated his girls and thrown their bodies into oil tanks, he buried Shanann’s remains.

Is Chris Watts Still Alive

 American Murder: The Family Next Door

The trailer for the Netflix miniseries September 2020 features disturbing text messages, police dispatch audio, and home movies of the seemingly normal family.

In a video that sent shivers up and down our spines, Shanann can be heard stating, “I just want you to know a little bit of my story.”  “I went through one of the darkest times of my life and then I met Chris and he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

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Preceding the triple murder, Watts and Shanann were in communication with each other to arrange a dinner date, as revealed by the show. She asked, “What kind of vegetables do you want with dinner tonight?” His response was, “Broccoli is effective.” “Green beans work, too.”

Before her death, Shanann had expressed her excitement about having a son, telling Watts that she missed and loved him “so much.” The murder of Shanann happened soon after she told someone about her joy. American Murder: The Family Next Door premiered on September 30, 2020.

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