Urban Meyer Net Worth, Career and More Updates!

Fans of American football are likely familiar with the name Urban Meyer due to his time spent coaching at the university level. Before beginning his career as a college football coach, Urban Meyer enjoyed a successful playing career as a player at the collegiate level.

The head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Urban Meyer, came under fire after a video of him dancing with a young woman at a pub went viral. The video was captured on camera. Because of this, his wife and one of his children felt compelled to address the matter in public, which led to Meyer receiving even more criticism for his actions.

Urban Meyer’s Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Urban Meyer is currently worth $35 million after he retired from coaching at the collegiate level in the United States.

Throughout his coaching career, Urban oversaw the likes of the Bowling Green Falcons, Utah Utes, Florida Gators, and Ohio State Buckeyes. His position as Ohio State’s Assistant Athletics Director for Athletics Initiatives and Relations lasted all the way until the year 2020.

Urban Meyer Net Worth

The achievements of Urban Meyer as a coach and a Fox sports analyst are not mutually exclusive. He has even done prior work for the sports network ESPN. His big break on TV came on the show “Big Noon Kickoff.” Since 2005, Meyer has helmed the Gators. The corporation offered him a seven-year, $14 million contract in hopes of convincing him to transfer. After re-signing his contract, Urban received a raise to $3.25 million a year.

With his 2009 six-year, $24 million contract with the University of Florida, he quickly rose to the ranks of the world’s highest-paid coaches. Meyer’s greatest paycheck came while he was the head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes and was worth $7.6 million. Urban left Ohio State in 2018 with approximately $40 million in retirement funds.

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Who is He Married to?

Shelley Meyer is the wife of Urban Meyer, a former head coach in the National Football League (NFL) with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The University of North Florida is her place of employment, and her primary duty there is to educate nursing students on a variety of subjects that are associated with mental health.

Urban Meyer Net Worth

The first time the two individuals met was at a Sigma Chi Derby Day party that took place when they were both still undergraduates. Shelley revealed to First Coast News that the two of them met for the first time while participating in a game in which the objective was to make a member of the fraternity smile without really touching them.

Together with The Ohio State University’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, the couple founded the Urban and Shelley Meyer Fund for Cancer Research to contribute to the fight against the disease (OSUCCC). The fund’s end goal is to contribute to the growth of cancer research by assisting in the recruitment of talented persons to work at the OSUCCC. This will be accomplished by providing financial support to the OSUCCC.

They came to the conclusion that the best way to honor their parents would be to establish the fund after learning that both of their parents had cancer. Both of Urban’s parents fought and won their respective bouts with cancer: his father fought and won his battle with bladder cancer, and his mother fought and won her struggle with breast cancer. In addition to Shelley, her stepmother triumphed over breast cancer after a long and difficult fight.

Gisela, Nathan, and Nicole are the names of their three children who were born to them as a couple.

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How Did His Family Support Him?

In October 2021, it was revealed that Urban had consented to have a woman grind on his lap. After the incident made him a viral sensation, he held a news conference to apologize to the team and staff for distracting them. “It was stupid. So I explained everything that happened. And I owned it. And, you know, just stupid. I should not have myself in that kind of position.”

Urban Meyer Net Worth

The former Ohio State coach stayed in Florida longer than usual after a Jaguars game because he wanted “to see the grandkids, and we all went to dinner that night.” His family and friends were “upset” by his actions once the video was made public.

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Shelley expressed gratitude to her devoted audience, writing,  “To my wonderful followers/friends: THANK YOU. For your love, support, friendship and laughs-I will miss this the most. I love you ALL and wish God’s blessings on you. Thank you #FaithFamilyFootballFlamingos.”

During the month of October 2021, Gigi Meyer shared her ideas. Gigi is the daughter of Urban and Shelley Meyer. By announcing, “We’re good. As a family, we’re good, you know, and the reality of it is, like, as much as our lives might seem different than everybody else’s, we’re still human,”.

“We have human things that we deal with, and this is one of those things. But the good news is we know my dad and we know his character and he’s literally the most incredible person I know in my entire life, and I still hold true to that truth.”

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