Who is Alicia Keys Husband: When Did They Tie the Knot?

Alicia Keys has often spoken publicly about the joys of her blended family, so in light of that, here is all the background you could possibly need on her husband and their children.

The eight-time Grammy winner Alicia Keys is up for another Grammy on music’s biggest night. Amazing singer/songwriter vying for Song of the Year for “A Beautiful Noise” will have her loving family by her side the whole night to cheer her on.

Who is Alicia Keys Husband?

Kasseem Daoud Dean, better known by his stage name Swizz Beatz, is an American record producer, rapper, and entrepreneur. He also contributes to the operation of the record company. On September 13, 1978, he entered the world on a ship bound for New York City.

Swizz cut his teeth as a DJ before moving up the ranks of the music business. His family controls the Ruff Ryders record label, and he has worked with and been noticed by East Coast rapper DMX, both of which helped him break into the hip-hop industry. He was just a young adult of 18 at the time.

Who is Alicia Keys Husband

Soon after, Beatz began signing more artists to the label. He has produced a great number of hit singles, including those by the Ruff Ryders (Anthem, Party Up (Up in Here), and Get It on the Floor), and by other groups (Jigga My Nigga, Girl’s Best Friend, Upgrade U, Check on It, Good Times, and Ring the Alarm), among many others.

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When Did They Tie the Knot?

On July 31, 2010, Dean and Alicia Keys were married in a private ceremony that took place in a remote spot close to the Mediterranean Sea. They exchanged their vows throughout the ceremony. The pair is said to have exchanged their vows in front of their close friends and family members at their personal property, as stated by the reports that were published by CBS News.

At that time, the Girl on Fire singer and her partner were expecting their first child together. This will be the first kid for both of them. For her wedding, Alicia wore a gorgeous asymmetrical gown made by Vera Wang, and her husband Swizz wore a tuxedo with a white jacket designed by Tom Ford. Alicia and Swizz were married in a lavish ceremony.

11th Anniversary Celebration


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Alicia Keys celebrated the 11th year of marriage with an extravagant trip that lasted for several days. The trip was in honour of their anniversary.

Keys shared a few images from her and her husband’s recent vacation to Corsica, the location of their wedding many years ago, in an upbeat post on her website. Beatz joked in the comments section of the photo with a number of red heart emojis,  “The fact that we went back to the house we got married at 11yrs ago was worth the 72hr date,”.

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Beatz wrote in his own post that they are “celebrating our 11-year anniversary month entire month” in the post that included many of the same images as the other one. The other post was celebrating their 11th year as a group. “The fact we haven’t been back to the house in Corsica we got married at 11yrs ago until now is crazy !!!!” Beatz said. “Time goes by fast make every moment count.”

Since they were unable to commemorate their landmark 10-year anniversary due to the broad spread of the coronavirus epidemic, it would appear that the two are attempting to make up for lost time with their most recent trip.

Who is Alicia Keys Husband

Alicia and Swizz’s First Meeting Location

A mutual high school friend introduced Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys. When they were both 14, Alicia Keys had no interest in the rapper.

Alicia Keys describes her future spouse in her autobiography, More Myself, writing, “He’d usually pull up in some fancy car, rolling deep with his Bronx crew and shining with diamonds,”

In spite of this, they eventually found each other again because to their mutual fame in the music industry, rekindled their friendship, and tied the knot in 2010. Keys claims Swizz constantly supports and encourages her.

In a December 2021 interview with E!, she remarked, “He’s always encouraging what it is that I’m envisioning, I love that there’s support there. He always says we’re both of our own bosses, we’re our own individuals, and I think that’s really powerful to know.”

How Many Children Do They Have?


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Together, they have two children: Egypt Daoud, who is now 11 years old, and Genesis Ali Dean, who is now 7 years old. Swizz’s first marriage resulted in the birth of three more children: a son named Prince Nasir, who is now 21 years old; a boy named Kasseem Jr., who is 15; and a daughter named Nicole, who is 13 years old.

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During an interview with Good Morning America, Keys referred to their mixed family as “a beautiful partnership,” which she said was one of the reasons she was so proud of them. “Our family’s one big beautiful family.”

Because it is believed that Beatz was still married to Mashonda Tifrere when he started dating Beatz, the circumstances of their first encounter have been the subject of a great deal of speculation and discussion.

Tifrere spoke about the meeting with Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz in an interview with Good Morning America in 2018. She said, ,“That was a pivotal moment because we had already been doing a lot of the work as far as communicating and really consciously trying to get to a new level of respect, And I felt, like, you know, ‘I want Alicia to be here.’ And not only did she come, but she stayed until the end of the party, and that moment was our first time really hanging out together as a family.”

Tifrere is considered by Keys to be her “life partner.” The blended family made the decision to vacation in Egypt with their children in 2018. In reference to the practise of shared parenting, Beatz stated, “The child wins, and you as a father win, and the mom, and the bonus mom win as well, so then everybody wins,”.

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