Is Camila Cabello Pregnant: How Did the Fans Respond?

One of Camila Cabello’s Instagram photos from a recent outing has fuelled rumours that the singer is expecting her first child. In point of fact, the singer is doing well in terms of her health and happiness as she continues to achieve new milestones in her profession.

Due to the fact that they are always in the public view, celebrities are frequently the focus of attention. There is not a single topic that, when it comes to them, is off-limits for discussion, and that includes anything from their appearance to their weight.

Recently, Camila’s weight has emerged as a topic of discussion on several social media platforms. While others choose to go the way of body shaming, some people preferred to express words that were more complimentary about their bodies.

Is Camila Cabello Pregnant?

There were rumours that Camila Cabello, who is best known for her song “Senorita,” was pregnant after she was spotted climbing in July of 2021. The trending issue on social media was the source of activity for an extended period of time.

Is Camila Cabello Pregnant

The rumours spread even further after she posted a picture of herself on her Instagram stories standing in front of an orange wall with the caption “made the correct choice.” In the photograph, she can be seen holding her stomach.

On July 9th, a picture of Camila taken during her excursion to the mountains was discovered online. While the singer was seen having a wonderful time with her mother Sinuhe Estrabao in Los Angeles, she was dressed casually and wore a crop top with leggings.

It has been speculated that Camila is expecting a child after seeing the picture. In point of fact, several people even resorted to Twitter in order to share their joy. Many have wondered whether or not a celebrity is expecting after seeing photos of them gaining weight online. Camila was the unlucky recipient this time.

Remember that famous people are human too. Any increase in weight is not indicative of pregnancy. These latest rumours about the artist serve as a powerful reminder not to form snap judgments about people based on their appearance.

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How Did the Fans Respond?

In the words of one fan, “OMGGG if Camila Cabello is pregnant it means we get a little Shawn Medes AWWE.” ‘Is Camila Cabello pregnant?’ asked another.

The reception of such criticism prompted several to rush to Camila’s defence.

At the time, one commenter said,  “Camila Cabello has a healthy and normal body and I don’t understand why everyone is obsessed with the fact that she looks “pregnant”. Y’all are so used to beauty standards that don’t realize how a normal body looks.”

Somebody else chimed in, “#CamilaCabello isn’t pregnant! Bellies are soft and squishy, hers is out here simply being a belly. That belly is healthy and beautiful and we should applaud her for baring it and being proud and confident in her own skin!”

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What Did Camila Say?

Camila made the decision to just respond to her supporters with love rather than confirm or deny rumours circulating about a possible pregnancy or address cruel sentiments made in response to her body image. Camila went so far as to pen a letter to her devoted following,“Guys Don’t Be Crazy. I’ve Been Touring America Eating Delicious Foods Leave Me and My Belly Alone!”

She broke the ice by addressing her supporters with a simple “Thank you.” Camila shared a message on her Instagram story, “Thank you,” to her fans. “Thank you for the love yesterday and today, I adore y’all,”.

Who is She Dating?

Is Camila Cabello Pregnant

Camila and Shawn Mendes first became acquainted in 2014, and ever since then, they have maintained a close friendship with one another. The year 2019 marked the beginning of the couple’s commitment to one another in a romantic sense. Since then, the two haven’t given the past another thought.

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In addition, the artists and their dog Tarzan remained in Miami throughout the COVID-19 epidemic. Both Camila and Shawn are very invested in each other’s work as a result of the many projects that they have worked on together over the course of their relationship.

After a combined total of over two years spent together in a relationship, the couple revealed their decision to end things via an Instagram post. Two months after breaking up, Mendes and Cabello met up again in Miami and went for a walk in the park with their dog, Tarzan.

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