Is Windy City Rehab Co-Host Alison Victoria Currently in a Relationship?

Recent developments have piqued the curiosity of “Windy City Rehab” viewers about the private life of interior designer Alison Victoria. Both the question of whether or not she is married and the state of her romantic relationships have been big topics of conversation.

Alison is not only an interior designer, but she also hosts TV shows in addition to that. After taking over for Donovan Eckhardt as the co-host of the popular reality show “Windy City Rehab” on HGTV, Alison has become a well-known face in the industry.

Alison’s real-life courtship and marriage appear to have gone the same way as her on-screen relationship with Donovan, whom she believed to be her work husband, due to the ups and downs of their legal battles. This is consistent with how their on-screen relationship played out.

Alison Victoria was formerly married to Luke Harding, who is originally from Chicago and works in the insurance industry. Alison and her soon-to-be-ex-husband Harding first connected through a dating app in 2011.

Is Alison Victoria Currently in a Relationship?

The prominent TV personality has been romantically involved with a number of different people until this point. Despite the fact that Alison’s divorce was apparently finalised just this April, reports claim that she has already entered into a committed relationship with another person.

According to the sources, Alison is romantically involved with a man whose name is Michael Marks. At long last, the television star broke her silence on HGTV.

Is Alison Victoria Currently in a Relationship

Her boyfriend Mark ended up purchasing the house that Victoria had indicated on television but which was not included in the official records of the property. Marks, who works for the commercial real estate company Cushman Wakefield, asserts that he was the one who bought the land in question.

On May 2nd, she allegedly took pictures of Brian and Alison sharing a bottle of wine while they were together. On the other hand, she hasn’t sent any images of themselves together to Brian after then, so it appears that they’re simply friends.

Aside from her connection with Michael, she hasn’t had any other meaningful relationships with other people. Alison has been quite quiet about the details of her romantic life. It seems as though she has a lot on her plate right now.

When she went to Paris in May, she had a wonderful time while she was there. Her usual day at work consisted of going out and having fun with the other people she worked with.

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Luke Harding and Donovan Eckhardt

HGTV star Alison had a rough go of it in the year 2020. When it came out that she was seeing her business partner, Donovan Eckhardt, she became the centre of attention. On their show, Windy City Rehab, they began discussing the difficulties in their personal relationships.

After Alison had moved on with her life and was no longer influenced by the legal issues that had originally led to the separation of the couple, she described the many more reasons for the breakup of the partnership. Donovan ultimately took legal action against the company’s parent, HGTV.

Is Alison Victoria Currently in a Relationship

Victoria opened up about the tough year she recently went through on the premiere episode of the new Discovery+ talk programme hosted by Loren Ruch and Brian Balthazar. She made a public spectacle of her behaviour and afterwards apologised for it. He felt like the show’s harsh portrayal of him was unfair and a kind of defamation.

Alison told them she was sorry and that she had been with the wrong person. The designer of interiors alleged that everything went downhill after she started dating Alison. It took her a long time to get over the fact that they were no longer together, and she felt like she was on the brink of hell following the breakup, she said.

Yet, the breakup affected them both in different ways. According to Victoria, they both tried using meditation to repair their relationships, but in the end, it was futile because they decided to pursue separate paths in life.

Luke Harding and Alison Victoria’s Romantic History

Alison Victoria and Luke Harding got a divorce after being married for over a decade. They finally decided to quit their troubled relationship after a long period of time. Luke and Alison have been married since 2013, and Luke works in the insurance industry.

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When they first met, they fell head over heels in love. They have a child together, a daughter, whom they both say they will always love. A dating app was the medium of initial contact between Luke and Alion.

Is Alison Victoria Currently in a Relationship

After two years of virtual courtship, they finally met face to face. Victoria chose to move in with Harding so that she could be closer to him.

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With time and mutual understanding, the couple was ready to commit to marriage. In his chosen field, Luke found tremendous success. He gave his then-girlfriend an extravagant ring when he proposed to her. Their wedding was accompanied by a great deal of pomp and circumstance.

The TV star and the insurance salesman are always shown in a positive light by the media. To their daughter, they promise a life filled with the best opportunities. At first, their marriage was blissful, but as the years passed, difficulties arose that ultimately led to its end.

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