Who is Gabby Barrett Husband: Do They Have Kids?

For her song “Pick Me Up,” Gabby Barrett has debuted a short film set in 1962 that serves as the music video. Barrett’s character is a high school girl who likes to take road trips with her boyfriend while sitting shotgun. Cade Foehner, Barrett’s husband in real life, is the driver. The couple met on the set of “American Idol,” when Barrett was a contestant.

In 1978, we find the same couple, now married and caring for their young daughter. Having a baby together, Barrett and Foehner chose the name Baylah May, which is another nod to their real-life romance.

Who is Gabby Barrett’s Husband?

Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner, now parents, met on American Idol and have since become a loving, close-knit family.

Who is Gabby Barrett Husband

The two artists finally crossed paths in 2018 when competing on American Idol Season 16. Despite the fact that neither singer ultimately won, they nevertheless managed to find love at the event. After their season of American Idol concluded, Barrett and Foehner’s on-screen flirtation evolved into a real-life relationship, and a year later, the two announced their engagement.

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Do They Have Kids?

Barrett and Foley announced their pregnancy with their first child, a daughter, in August of 2020. While visiting Foehner’s family in Texas, the joyful couple found out the news.

“I remember taking the test and my eyes nearly crossed,” said Barrett. “I was like, ‘Wait, is that two lines?’ I came running out to Cade and was just like, ‘Oh my gosh, I think I am.’ That’s all that I said, and he knew what that meant. I started crying, and it was very sweet.”

“I get to have two Gabbys!” Foehner said about the baby girl. “One’s not enough.”  The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter they named Baylah, on January 18, 2021.

He talked about the pleasure of having a baby in a Facebook post celebrating his daughter’s first birthday “Happy birthday to my sweet tooty, pooty, pumpkin pie, darlin’, baby, lovey, cutie. You sure make me a proud Daddy, munchkin. One of my favorite things is watching you play with your baby doll trying to imitate mommy.

It is incredible to see your mothering qualities budding out even now. You will be a great mother some day. You have a great one to teach you. When I try to type words about you I cannot help but think of God’s graciousness to provide me a heritage. I am grateful for you my daughter.”

Who is Gabby Barrett Husband

Who is Cade Foehner?

Cade Foehner told Center Broadcasting Company, “”I rodeoed my whole life…but I broke my leg riding a horse,” he explained to Center Broadcasting Company. He added, “So I asked for a guitar for Christmas, and picked it up, and then I just kind of fell in love.”

Nonetheless, he appears to still enjoy horses, as he routinely posts photos of himself riding them on social media.

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He said, “When I started in music, I was a guitar player, like, that was the first thing I ever did was play guitar,” he shared in an interview with Talent Recap. “In fact, for the reality star, singing was a means to an end. “I kind of became a singer out of necessity, and I wanted to be in a way, but I just wasn’t very good for a long time,” .

The problem is, as Foehner has pointed out, “The singing took precedence over the guitar playing after some time, as the old adage goes. The truth is, I think of myself as a singer “.

She places a high value on her religious beliefs, as a vocalist. When American Idol judge Katy Perry stated she was shocked by Cade’s performance because she “saw some things” that her pastor parents would have concealed, Cade said, “I’m a minister, too, so it’s OK.”

When Did They Get Married?

Who is Gabby Barrett Husband

About a year after they first met, Barrett and Foehner announced they were engaged. To propose, “I’ve been thinking about proposing for quite a while,” Foehner said. “It’s getting harder and harder to be apart. Doing all the travelling we have to do, sometimes we have to go a month without seeing each other. That’s a little much for me, so I decided to go ahead and do this thing!”

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More surprisingly still, Foehner hadn’t carried the ring out with him and didn’t have it on him at the time. He was in Los Angeles and discovered that the couple was staying at the same hotel where they had their first date.

On October 5th, 2019, in Garrison, Texas, in front of one hundred guests, Barrett and Foehner tied the knot. Barrett told PEOPLE before the wedding, “We wanted a small, intimate wedding with close friends and family,”  The lead singer said that the concert’s location in the woods was inspired by Foehner’s love of nature and his Texas upbringing.

Barrett remarked that she “certainly expected” the couple to shed a few tears while exchanging their written vows. “We’re both excited to make such a serious and holy commitment before the Lord, with our friends and family there to support us and celebrate,” Barrett said. “Becoming one family has been the thing we’ve looked forward to most.”

Among the invited guests were Caleb Lee Hutchinson, one of Foehner’s groomsmen, and Catie Turner, a season 16 American Idol competitor.

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