Who is Kehlani Dating? Truth Exposed!

Kehlani, an R&B singer, has reportedly dated multiple men and women. Now that their self-directed music video for “melt” has been released, the celebrity is said to be in a new relationship. The power of music has allowed Kehlani and 070 Shake to make their relationship official.

On Wednesday, the music video for “melt,” a song from Kehlani’s most recent album “Blue Water Road,” premiered, putting the couple’s love on full show for 4.5 minutes. In this video, Kehlani and 070 Shake can be seen kissing, snapping photos of each other, and making each other laugh in a variety of locations, from a beautiful forest to a quaint church.

Kehlani and 070 Shake croon, “Wish I could build me a cute apartment / One-bedroom right where your heart is,”  as they lean lovingly on one other in one moment.

Who is Kehlani Dating?

Kehlani began promoting their new music video in May 2022, in advance of their impending tour in 2022, and around this time, dating allegations were circulated regarding their co-star.

Who is Kehlani Dating

Kehlani uploaded images on her Instagram account of herself with the American rapper and singer Danielle Balbuena, better known by her stage as 070 Shake. The accompanying message read, “iLoveyou.”

They posted a short clip on Instagram of the two kissing with the tagline “a true story,” giving the impression that they are involved in a romantic relationship not long after the video was made public.

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Who is Kehlani’s Girlfriend 070 Shake?

The 24-year-old singer/rapper, whose given name is Danielle Balbuena, rose to prominence as a member of the 070 crew, which also included rappers Ralphy River, Treee Safari, and Phi. In 2016, however, 070 Shake went it alone when Ye’s GOOD Music label signed her after hearing her single “Trust Nobody.”

070 Shake released her first EP, “Glitter,” in 2018, and her first full-length album, “Modus Vivendi,” in 2020, both of which peaked at No. 10 on Billboard’s Heatseekers album rankings. Besides collaborating with big names like Ye, Swedish House Mafia, Jessie Reyez, and Pusha T, Shake has also earned some major collaborations.

070 Shake has been open about her attraction to women, despite her reluctance to define her sexual orientation.

“I don’t really identify myself as queer or gay or anything,” she told Pitchfork in 2018. “I just like girls.”

Who is Kehlani Dating

Kehlani and 070 Shake Relationship Timeline

  • January 2022 

Kehlani is seen partying it up in Las Vegas as the new year begins, reportedly with 070 Shake, who has been rumoured to be her girlfriend.  The famous person said the following in a post that she uploaded to her Instagram account: “note to self, stop flipping the bird so much in 2022. thank you yet again Baegas” alongside several photos.

In one of the photos, Kehlani can be seen perched above 070 Shake’s shoulders. Kehlani shared yet another snapshot from the night out with her friends and 070 Shake in a different post, and this time she just captioned the post with emojis of space and planets.

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  • October 10, 2021 

070 Shake posted a repost of one of Kehlani’s most recent music videos to her feed back in September, despite the fact that Kehlani is hardly ever active on the platform.

After a few weeks had passed, 070 Shake tweeted another post from the singer, which consisted of reshaping a photo of Kehlani. She even went to the trouble of using Twitter to let her followers know how much she was missing Kehlani. She responded to Kehlani’s post, which has since been deleted, by writing, “I miss you mo-.”

Who is Kehlani Dating

  • Oct 21, 2021

At the Bottega Veneta Salon 03 Presentation fashion show, which took place at Michigan Theater, Kehlani and 070 Shake were in audience. On Thursday, the two were seen in photographs taken in Detroit, Michigan, sitting relatively near to one another.

They appeared for the movie, which became extremely popular on various social media platforms. Almost soon, many began to speculate that the two were dating.

One of the fans commented: This is not A F**KING DRILL!!!! Omg 070 Shake and Kehlani. CONGRATULATIONS” while resposting the photo of the new rumoured couple.

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  • October 22, 2021

Kehlani’s followers took screenshots of her Instagram story and posted them with 070 Shake playing in the background. Kehlani can be seen beaming with a wide grin plastered across her face, while 070 Shake appears to be taken aback in the background.

Kehlani and 070 Shake appeared to confirm the relationship rumours by cuddling up to one other in a sweet Instagram snapshot. The image was posted on Kehlani’s account.

Kehlani is seen taking a mirror selfie of them both in the photograph, and 070 Shake can be seen biting Kehlani’s cheek as she poses for the photo.

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