Is Richard Williams Still Alive: How Was His Relation With Sabrina?

The Williams family will soon be history in tennis as Serena Williams competes in her final tennis competition at the U.S. Open and her sister Venus is widely expected to follow in her footsteps and retire. Because of their demanding and game-changing training from their father, Richard Dove Williams Jr., the Williams sisters have been at the top of the women’s tennis game for the better part of the last two decades.

Will Smith is working hard to move himself to the head of the line in preparation for the upcoming Oscar season. The season for presenting awards will begin soon.

This week saw the launch of King Richard, the newest smash hit from director Kevin Smith. The film tells the story of Richard Williams, the father of tennis greats Serena and Venus Williams, and was released in theatres throughout the world this week.

On the other hand, although there are a great number of people who are admirers of King Richard and who share their thoughts on social media, there are only a few reports that concern the guy in question’s health; is he still alive?

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Is Richard Williams Still Alive?

According to a recent revelation in the New York Post, Richard Dove Williams Jr., the biological father of Venus and Serena Williams, is still alive but in very poor health.

The 79-year-old man had a big stroke in 2016, and sadly, he has also had a series of smaller strokes in the years after then. According to court documents that were filed in 2019 in connection with a case brought against Williams’s ex-wife Lakeisha, Williams has also developed a neurological ailment that is affecting his ability to communicate.

Following the release of King Richard on November 19th, there had been a number of misunderstandings on social media, with many fans being uncertain as to whether or not Williams was still alive.

Is Richard Williams Still Alive

It would appear that these rumours first began as a reaction to a number of posts that related the movie as a type of “tribute,” implying that Williams had passed away.

Users were quick to dispel any perception that Williams had passed away, including SNY News Anchor Chris Williamson, who tweeted simply, “Richard Williams is still alive btw.” Thank goodness, users were quick to correct any idea that Williams had passed away.

Chavoita Lesane, Richard Williams’s son, is currently caring for his father, Richard Williams.

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How Was His Relation With Sabrina?

Richard Williams’ offspring from previous marriages are mostly unknown. He had five kids with ex-wife Betty Johnson. The other of Robert’s children aren’t celebrities like Sabrina, so you won’t often hear about them. Sabrina has made numerous television appearances in which she has accused Richard of lying about his health.

Lakeisha Graham’s claim that she and Richard had reconciled served as the basis for her charges. It all started in March of 2022 when Lakeisha asked a Florida judge to put a hold on the divorce. Lakeisha’s attorney, Sara Lawrence, has submitted the following:

“The wife believes that the parties have reconciled and have engaged in an active marital life including having regular weekly sexual relations including but not limited to on January 9, 2022, the night before filing this motion.”

“Well, it seems like sex weekly! I’m laughing, wow!” As reported by Radar Online, Sabrina said. She also placed doubt on Richard’s reported health difficulties by citing a story that he drove himself to Chavoita’s house in late March 2022.

Is Richard Williams Still Alive

Sabrina said: “Wow, that doesn’t sound like someone who’s had two strokes. Come on, he doesn’t even have dementia. I’m done with playing like that. He needs to stop playing all the time.”

Sabrina had previously shown disdain for Richard, scolding him for abandoning her mother with four young children and a baby of just eight months of age. The question was, “How do you leave a baby?” In an interview with The Sun, Sabrina made the following statement. According to Sabrina’s comments to the media, her relationship with Richard Williams has already ended.

“I don’t think I’ll see him alive. I’ve even buried my dad in my head because I know I won’t be able to attend his funeral. That’s just not going to be an option, they’re not going to let me, they won’t even tell me. I’ll find out from the media reports or a friend.”

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How Was the Performance of Will Smith?

Fans and critics alike have focused a lot of emphasis on the acting that is presented in King Richard, despite the fact that the tale that is given in the film is fantastic… in particular with regard to Will Smith playing the starring role.

The feeling was repeated by other media outlets, such as Vulture, who explained that Smith has “brought his own poetic physicality to the part”, and Marca, which believes that Smith will be nominated for an Oscar award!

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