Is True Story Based on the Real Life Events of Kevin Hart?

Kevin Hart is a comedian who is known for his comedic specials and films that make people laugh out loud. However, the comedian is moving away from his comedic roots and taking on more serious roles, such as the Kid in the new Netflix series True Story. Many people recognise Kevin Hart from his comedic films and specials.

In the Netflix thriller, which is a limited series, Kevin, 42, plays the lead role. The story centres on stand-up comedian The Kid, who gets himself into serious difficulty on a crazy night out in his hometown of Philadelphia.

As the plot moves forward from that point on, it is subjected to an increasing number of unexpected turns and twists while The Kid works under intense scrutiny to clean up the muddled situation. However, what percentage of the film True Story is based on actual events?

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Who is True Story Based on?

True Story may have some elements of Kevin Hart, but it is mostly a work of fiction. As the New York Times reports, showrunner Eric Newman (Narcos) said that Hart specifically requested to play a character with comparable characteristics to himself because both he and his character are famous Philadelphia-born stand-up comedians.

Who is True Story Based on

Hart has stated that a person in his position is constantly faced with the temptation to transgress, but he has never reproduced any of the nefarious acts that The Kid gets up to in this seven part series.

“It’s so easy to do dumb s**t,” he told the New York Times. You can get it anytime you need it. When we make an effort to act morally and to live a good life, we are showing that we care. Yes, there is effort involved. “Not to say it’s work in a bad way, but you’re working constantly to make sure that you’re doing things correctly, appropriately. You need a good team around you that’s OK with saying no.”

In the same way, Hart’s own experience served as inspiration for The Kid’s hectic schedule in True Story. Hart argues that his “mind-blowing” productivity is the result of his innate ability to multitask.

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According to Hart’s Netflix documentary Don’t F**k This Up, his mother emancipated him when he was a child and he never saw their father again. Hart’s older brother’s name is Robert, not Carlton. Nonetheless, Kevin and Robert continue to enjoy a tight bond to this day, unlike the strained relationship depicted between Carlton and The Kid.

Can We Expect the Release of Season 2?

Netflix has promoted True Story as a seven-episode limited series, making a second season highly improbable. A second season has not been officially announced as of this writing.

Who is True Story Based on

The Kid is led to assume that, after a night of heavy drinking, he has awakened in his hotel room to find a dead woman lying next to him, and the story ends on that sad note.

Carlton (Wesley Snipes) and his other brother hire hitman Ari to get rid of the corpse. When criminal Ari tries to blackmail Kid for $6 million (£4.6 million), Kid kills him to protect his secret. But it turned out that Carlton had staged the whole event to extort money from Kid through Ari, and that the “dead” woman had just pretended to be dead. But things went bad when Kid ended up killing Ari for real.

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Kid ends up killing both of Ari’s brothers (who were riding on his back looking for their missing sibling) and his own brother Carlton in the season finale. One of Kid’s closest friends, Hersch (Will Catlett), blackmails him to continue keeping his secret.

Only by altering the dynamic between Kid and Herch could True Story get renewed for a second season, but neither Kevin nor the showrunners have mentioned it.

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