Are Holly and Nathan From Too Hot To Handle Still Together?

Holly Scarfone and Nathan Soan Mngomezulu  two clicked instantly and ended up losing more money in the villa than any other couple had ever lost before, eventually decreasing the prize money to zero.

‘Too Hot to Handle’ is a Netflix dating game show. The third season premiered in the end of January 2022. Each season, a group of conventionally gorgeous young adults (all in their twenties) live together in a tropical paradise while competing to go without sexual contact.

They can win tens of thousands of dollars if they can agree to abstain from sexual activity during the competition. Despite this, there has never been a season of the show where the participants’ sexual desires didn’t get the best of them.

Are Holly and Nathan Still Together

Nathan and Holly were able to succeed on Too Hot to Handle despite breaking every guideline in Lana’s playbook. By, uh, rubbing a toy that represented Nathan against the heart of a doll that represented Holly, Nathan learned to control his more primitive inclinations, and Holly came to trust Nathan.

Though he lost the $90,000 prize to another Too Hot to Handle pair Beaux and Harry, towards the end of the season, Lana had chosen Nathan as one of the persons who had experienced the most growth during his time in the retreat.

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Are Holly and Nathan Still Together?

It was obvious that Holly and Nathan had feelings for each other from the beginning. When Lana announced her rigorous villa rules, the couple was already experiencing anxiety because they had shared their first kiss before the rules were announced.

Holly stated in an interview with Bustle that she did not feel bad about the money she had cost the rest of the cast (which they also ultimately earned back).

“I met someone that I really, really wanted to get to know, and I felt like it would’ve been a disservice to myself and Nathan if we didn’t explore [our connection]. So [we] just went for it,” she said.

Are Holly and Nathan Still Together

But judging by the show’s Instagram posts, it appears that these two didn’t make it. The couple opens up about the strain on their relationship from the epidemic and Holly’s desire to pursue higher education in the official Instagram update video, where they talk about it during a Zoom chat.

At the same time, in the same video, both former contestants smile and gush over each other while interrupting each other and saying things like “I wouldn’t say it didn’t work out.”

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What Does Their Instagram Images Reflect?

Nathan has posted several photos to Instagram showing the couple canoodling in exotic settings.

When Holly said, “Never get used to how tall you are????????”  and “These photos are so special ????❤️” It seems like they’re still trying to figure things out on the surface, but several comments on those and other posts across both of their Instagram accounts accuse them of acting. Regardless of the specifics, it’s safe to say that their relationship is in a state best described as “it’s complicated.”

Are Holly and Nathan Still Together

The last few months of Holly’s TikTok have been mysterious, with posts like “Friendly reminder it takes 2 minutes to text back” and “Just remember it’s ok to take a step back to take two steps forward.” She shared a TikTok of herself with the message, “Me after I get off [FaceTime] with him” and another with the description, “Staying in drinking wine by myself because I’m serious about u and I want this to work out.”

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Even though Holly and Nathan broke up, many of the other couples from Too Hot to Handle are still going strong. What comes in subsequent seasons is a mystery that only time can reveal.

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