Where is Yellowstone Filmed And When Can We Visit Yellowstone Ranch?

Yellowstone is a favourite show of ours for many reasons, but the beautiful settings and landscapes are right up there. Of course, we can’t deny that the fantastic cast, tense plots, and love stories that we pull for a bit too enthusiastically are all wonderful, too.

The beautiful scenery of Dutton Ranch, with its rolling fields, towering mountains, and iconic log cabins, provides the ideal setting for the dramatic neo-Western series. You may be thinking, “Where exactly is Yellowstone shot?” I mean, does it look like that in reality? The genuine ranch served as the setting for Yellowstone.

Seventy-five percent to eighty-five percent of the first three seasons were shot in more than twenty locations across Utah as part of the state’s film incentive programme, as reported by The Salt Lake Tribune.

Where is Yellowstone Filmed?

  • The Yellowstone Ranch

Where is Yellowstone Filmed

In the show, six generations of the Dutton family have lived on the ranch. Principal photography takes place at the Chief Joseph Ranch near Darby, Montana. Similarly to the ranch seen on television, this one is family-owned and operates from a 6,000-square-foot space.

Shane Libel and his family, including his wife Angela, are the true owners of the ranch and make their home there. Libel has decided to keep the famous Yellowstone Dutton Ranch sign up all year long for tourists to stop at for a photo op ever since the episode began.

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  • Broken Rock Indian Reservation

Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) lives on the Broken Rock Indian Reservation, which is even more away from the Dutton Ranch. It’s a seven-hour drive from the ranch to the location where they shoot on the Crow Indian Reservation. Beyond Billings, Montana, on more than two million acres, lies the Crow Indian Reservation.

In addition to being Montana’s largest reservation, the site of the Tribal Casino has also appeared in a number of movies. Sheridan first sought out AJ Not Afraid, tribal chairman of the Crow Nation, seeking permission to visit the reservation and study Native American culture prior to filming.

As the series has progressed, viewers have learned more about the Native American tribe that once lived on the land now owned by the Duttons.

Birmingham, of Comanche ancestry, plays casino owner Thomas Rainwater, tribal chair and adversary to John Dutton. As he explained to The Salt Lake Tribune in June of 2020, “it was such a lovely opportunity to truly play a contemporary representation of a Native American, because you seldom ever see that,” and certainly not one who has leverage and is a prominent participant in the game.

  • Beth’s Office

Where is Yellowstone Filmed

Doing a comprehensive tour of Yellowstone’s potential filming locations could involve a lot of driving. Despite appearances, several of the locations depicted in the show are not actually in close proximity to the Dutton family home. For instance, Beth’s workplace in Helena, Montana is a long four-hour journey away. The State Capitol Building serves as the location for the courtroom sequences.

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  • Utah Soundstages

There are a few instances where more conventional soundstages were used. Yellowstone’s first three seasons were shot entirely in Utah, using preexisting sets and locations. Many of the cast’s early season outdoor excursions also took place in Utah cities like Park City, Ogden, and Spanish Fork.

When Can We Visit Yellowstone Ranch?

Those interested in experiencing a piece of Yellowstone history firsthand can reserve a night at the authentic Dutton Ranch. From June to August, the Libel family welcomes visitors to their ranch, which has used as a filming set. Visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including fishing, horseback riding, and hiking in the area’s stunning mountains.

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While filming, the actors aren’t there. Location manager Mark Jarrett told the New York Post in July 2018 that “We utilised rental properties in the area or found hotels in [nearby] Hamilton,”   “The Libels stayed in the house, in the rooms upstairs. There’s a cabin on the property where Taylor stays with his family. We used another house for the greenroom. The ranch is so pretty you could go for a ride.”

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