Is Lucy Leaving NCIS Hawaii: Why Did She Quit the Show?

Despite the fact that production on the second season of NCIS: Hawaii just recently got underway, the show has already established itself as a fan favourite. NCIS: Hawaii is the most recent addition to the long-running crime franchise NCIS.

The captivating characters who populate the programme have helped it establish a strong connection with its audience in a short amount of time, which has contributed to the show’s overall success.

However, the most recent episode of NCIS: Hawaii hinted at the prospect that Yasmine Al-character, Bustami’s Lucy Tara, would be leaving the programme. As a result, many viewers are concerned that she might leave the series in the not-too-distant future.

Is Lucy Leaving NCIS Hawaii?

In the most recent episode of NCIS: Hawaii, it was revealed that Lucy will be leaving her team in order to pursue a new career opportunity elsewhere. Lucy’s future with NCIS Hawaii appears to be bright, which is a relief, given that it has already been established that she will play a leading role in the forthcoming NCIS three-way crossover.

Is Lucy Leaving NCIS Hawaii

In spite of the fact that she is only going to be absent from the Hawaii team for a short time, NCIS viewers can take comfort in the fact that Lucy will not be leaving the programme permanently.

This is the case given that Yasmine Al-Lucy Bustami has been cast to appear in the episode of NCIS that will air on January 2, 2023, in addition to the spinoffs set in both Los Angeles and Hawaii.

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Why Did She Quit the Show?

During the time that she was going through her breakup with her girlfriend Whistler, she submitted her application to the NCIS Agent afloat programme.

Lucy wasn’t certain about whether or not she should apply for the post or continue working where she was, but Whistler persuaded her that she should still apply for the job and that their relationship would be OK if she did so.

Fans are curious as to whether or not actress Yasmine Al-Bustami has any intention of coming back to the franchise at any point because of the fact that the position requires Lucy to be absent for at least four months.

Is Lucy Leaving NCIS Hawaii

Which Role Will She Play?

Episode 7 of NCIS: Hawaii season 2 is titled “Vanishing Act,” and it has the potential to be a defining one for Agent Lucy Tara. This is because she has gotten an enticing invitation to join the NCIS’s Agent Afloat programme.

As part of the plan, she would spend four months working on board the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, which would provide her the opportunity to develop upon the already amazing range of abilities she possesses.

However, Lucy submitted her application for the job while she and her girlfriend, FBI Agent Kate Whistler (Tori Anderson), were no longer together. Now that they are once again a couple, she is having second thoughts about whether or not to accept the position.

However, Whistler was unmoved by this and instead tried to convince Lucy to pursue her ambitions and make the most of the exciting new chance that had presented itself to her.

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Merger of Ncis, Ncis: Los Angeles, and Ncis Hawaii

All three NCIS series will merge on Monday, January 2, 2023. Three episodes from the regular NCIS series, one from Hawaii, and one from Los Angeles will air back-to-back beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT for the crossover event. The names of the three instalments are “Too Many Cooks,” “Deep Fake,” and “A Long Time Coming.”

Is Lucy Leaving NCIS Hawaii

In each new episode, NCIS agents from throughout the country converge in Washington, D.C. to honour a mentor who has taught many of them over their careers. However, the agents on the scene suspect foul play when they discover the professor dead from what appears to be a suicide and launch an investigation that relies on the resources of all three NCIS shows.

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As the episodes go, the team of agents working the case discovers that they are the intended victims of an untraceable hitman and that a $200,000 reward has been placed on each of their heads.

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