How Did the Temple University Students Were Robbed?

Jennifer Griffin, the Vice President of Public Safety at Temple University, stated that eleven Temple University students were robbed at gunpoint in an off-campus apartment on Saturday. The incident took place on Saturday.

The Philadelphia Police Department is now conducting an investigation into the robbery that took place in the 1300 block of North 15th Street. There were no reports of any injuries.

How Did the Temple University Students Were Robbed?

According to statements made by the college students who were victims of the heist to WPVI, an affiliate of ABC in Philadelphia, the robbery took place when one of the students answered a knock at the door, which allowed two males to enter the residence.

The students claimed that they believed the men knew someone who lived at the flat, but instead, the men proceeded to wake up many students while armed, and then they trapped the students in a basement for more than an hour. According to WPVI, the authorities arrived at the apartment complex at approximately 7 in the morning.

Temple University Students Robbed

It was alleged that at the time of the theft, there were six female tenants, three boyfriends, and two friends present in the home. They informed WPVI that they were able to get a hold of laptops in the basement and contact friends, and they added that they believe the robbers were at the wrong residence since they asked, “Where are the drugs?”

The station stated that the invaders seized a 2015 Infinity minivan and forced students to hand up their mobile phones, car keys, and debit cards with PINs. In addition, the attackers stole the minivan.

According to WPVI, a sophomore named Kayla Barone awoke to find three masked invaders in her home. After locking her and her two roommates in a room, the intruders demanded that they hand over their personal possessions. As soon as the intruders learned she had already dialled 911, they fled the scene.

What Did the Staff Say in Press Release?

According to a press release issued by the university, “Violence against one of us affects all of us,” “Any incident affecting a member of our community is treated with the utmost care and concern. Our Division of Student Affairs is working with the students affected to provide on-campus housing, counseling, and other trauma-informed resources.”

According to the university, the incident took place outside of the Temple University Police Department’s patrol zone. The Philadelphia Police Department did not immediately reply to a request for more information that was made by PEOPLE.

Temple University Students Robbed

How Did the Students Feel After the Incident?

“I think the sad part is, we all talked in the room — we all realized that once they came in the room, everyone was kind of, ‘Oh, it’s our time now,'” one student said.

An another house invasion took place on Wednesday, according to a report from the local station. A student was quoted as saying, “You never think it’s going to happen to you, but when it does, it’s like a shock,”.

Since then, Temple has strongly suggested to its undergraduate students that they download a safety app, consider using shuttle services, and look into the Best Nest Program. Through this programme, students are given the opportunity to locate off-campus accommodation that satisfies “certain safety and security criteria.”

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