Top 10 Movies to Watch This Christmas on Netflix!

There isn’t a single person who doesn’t like a nice Christmas movie, regardless of how they feel about Christmas. The heartwarming messages of love and friendship in holiday films are perfect for the coldest time of the year.

Streaming services like Netflix make it easier than ever to get into the holiday spirit with a little help from some of the many Christmas films available. So that you may spend more time this Christmas season sipping eggnog and less time scrolling through your watch list, we have compiled a list of the top holiday-themed films currently available on Netflix and ranked them accordingly.

Christmas Movies on Netflix

Top 10 Movies to Watch This Christmas on Netflix!

On a cold winter’s night, nothing beats curling up with a warm mug of cocoa and the ideal Christmas movies. Here is a list of top 10 movies to watch on Netflix this Christmas.

  • Love Hard (2021)

Sometime in the twenty-first century, a romantic comedy about a catfish will be made. The protagonist, played by Nina Dobrev, is a romantic idealist whose attempts to surprise her cyberswoon with a real-world visit go awry. Once she finds out that her online companion (Jimmy O. Yang) has been catfishing her by taking the photos of a local man to create a fake profile, she demands that he introduce her to the man she thinks is her soul mate.

  • Single All the Way (2021)

A man persuades his friend to pose as his boyfriend for the holidays, but his mother intervenes. The point is that it is okay if it sounds a little boring for Netflix’s first LGBT Christmas movie.

It’s a win for representation that Single All the Way uses all the conventions of the typical Christmas film but puts a gay man at the film’s centre. There is no sexual tension in the story, which shows that LGBT individuals are just as capable as everyone else of engaging in silly Christmas antics.

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  • A Very Murray Christmas (2015)

Do you long for memories of snowy New York City evenings spent in toasty bars? Bill Murray’s Christmas special at The Carlyle is cancelled due to bad weather in this humorous holiday comedy. However, he resolves to go with the performance. It also features a number of excellent songs that will have you singing along all night long, as well as cameos from Miley Cyrus and George Clooney.

Christmas Movies on Netflix

  • White Christmas (1954)

This important Christmas musical was 1954’s biggest hit. A stage production, which debuted to much acclaim in San Francisco in 2004, has subsequently toured the world. The first picture to be released in the widescreen VistaVision format, White Christmas was shot in bright Technicolor and utilised the twice the film area of regular 35mm film.

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  • Fireplace For Your Home (2013)

Some sceptics would argue that an hour-long film of a fireplace isn’t a movie, or that you’re essentially simply viewing a screensaver. For me, seeing is believing. Although the Netflix originals Fireplace for Your Home and its trailblazing sequel “Birchwood Edition” are not technically films, they are undeniably some of the best festive offerings on the streaming service.

It’s the ideal compromise for when your holiday gathering is too loud for a movie and the family has been debating for hours over what to watch.

  • Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square (2020)

Dolly Parton, a national treasure in the United States, has recently made a significant impact with her original songs for Christmas on the Square. Christine Baranski plays Regina Fuller, an exploitative landlord who wants to empty her town of its citizens and turn a profit on the real estate market.

But with the help of Dolly Parton and some good ol’ fashioned camp, Fuller is about to discover the true spirit of the holiday season. In case you’re thinking that sums up every Christmas film ever made, you’d be right. This film succeeds, though, because it takes the strangeness of formulaic Christmas films in stride.

  • Holidate (2020)

During the winter holidays, we enjoy bingeing on romantic comedies on Netflix. More risqué and star-studded than its competitors, the first Netflix holiday film of the season stars Emma Roberts and Hacksaw Ridge hunk Luke Bracey as two lonely singles who agree to be each other’s platonic plus ones for a year, only to develop feelings for one another along the way.

Christmas Movies on Netflix

  • Robin Robin (2021)

Nothing compares to the British claymation studio Aardman’s work, from Wallace & Gromit to Chicken Run. Similarly, Robin Robin is not an outlier. In this holiday film, a little robin who was raised by mice and who really wanted to be accepted by her own kind made a wish upon a star.

Not only will the new felt-adorned animation technique from Aardman leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, but the short running duration of 30 minutes makes this an ideal family movie to watch.

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  • The Princess Switch (2018)

You can never have too much Vanessa Hudgens, as High School Musical proved. The Princess Switch, a Netflix original film starring Hudgens as both a baker (Stacy De Novo) and a princess (Lady Margaret Delacourt), is evidence of this.

The movie’s twin-swap premise, along with the regal backdrop and baking extravaganza, makes for a charming viewing experience. With two follow-ups featuring Hudgens in all three of her double roles, it’s evident that Netflix subscribers appreciated the low-stakes froth.

  • A Christmas Prince (2017)

This was the year’s surprise hit around the holidays. The story is ridiculously cheesy, so it’s no surprise that a sequel was released in November of 2020. The scenario follows the conventions of the romantic comedy, in which a reporter is dispatched to Aldovia to cover the story of the country’s controversial Prince, only to find herself mistaken for the Princess’s teacher upon her arrival.

Filmed on location in a picturesque (albeit imaginary) winter region, this film will have you packing your bags and making plans to jet over there ASAP.

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