Kelsea and Morgan Relationship Timeline: Why Did They Break Up?

Following Kelsea Ballerini  divorce from Morgan Evans in 2022, the “Legends” singer will be available for new relationships.  Both famous people in their own fields, they started dating shortly after meeting in 2016. In December of 2017, Kelsea and Morgan said “I do,” marking the beginning of nearly five years together as husband and wife. In August of 2022, however, she posted on Instagram that she and her partner were breaking up.

“Friends, I’ve always tried my best to share my life with you in a real and vulnerable way, while also protecting layers of my personal life as they unfold,” Kelsea wrote, in part. “This is now public record so I wanted you to hear from me directly that I am going through a divorce.”

For his side, Morgan released a statement, stating, “I am very sad to confirm that after almost five years of marriage, Kelsea and I are parting ways. I wish it were otherwise, but sadly it’s not.”

Divorce papers between the exes were signed in November 2022, as reported by Life & Style. Here is a rundown on the relationship timeline of Kelsea Ballerini  and Morgan Evans.

Kelsea and Morgan Relationship Timeline

Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans Relationship Timeline

  • 2016

They became friends while hosting the Country Music Channel Awards in Australia in March 2016. After the show, Ballerini urged Evans to take a shot, and the two shared their first kiss that very evening. Less than a year after they first started dating, the couple got engaged on Christmas in December 2016.

  • 2017

The happy pair tied the knot in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in front of family and friends about a year after the romantic proposal in Decmber 2017.

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  • 2018

“Today, my guy’s song is the number one song in country music. I’ll spare you the sap, but to watch his journey with this song the last few years has made my heart explode from happiness,” the Tennessee native expressed his ecstatic feelings about the song’s success in an Instagram post. “Kiss Somebody” soar to the top of the charts. “You did it, babe. #KissSomebody #Actuallyjustkissme.”                                                                                                   – August, 2018

Evans’ “Dance With Me” features the Australian singer’s wife, who he had previously worked with on the album Unapologetically as a background singer in October 2018.

  • 2019

The influential pair attended the CMT Awards in matching white gowns in June 2019.

  • 2020

Ballerini told Us Weekly exclusively in October 2020 that she rerecorded her self-titled album as an acoustic record during the COVID-19 crisis “During this whole process, Morgan and I always kind of said we’re never gonna write together because, I don’t know, we just respect each other so much as songwriters,”.

“I was worried that I’d get in the room and be like, ‘Oh, it’s weird that I’m writing a love song about you, with you.’ Like, I just thought I’d be so in my head about it. But we ended up starting to write together the last few months and it’s been so much fun.”

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“In our third year of marriage we were quarantined … and we got better at Mario Kart, communicating, making dinner, and being best friends,” Ballerini wrote via Instagram. “Happy anniversary.”                   – December 2020

“Blurry, merry, and very chilly. Sending love to you and your families this Christmas and wishing you a feeling of joy and magic that we all desperately need this season,” the “Miss Me More” singer wrote alongside an Instagram photo with her husband on Christmas. “And may your dogs not always look at you with disapproving judgmental glares…”

Kelsea and Morgan Relationship Timeline

  • 2021

They needed to “reset” after the highs and lows of 2020, so the couple travelled to Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains in January 2021.

The “Dibs” singer celebrated Evans’ 36th birthday in April 2021 by posting a series of close images of the two of them online. They were seen jet skiing, boating, watching a movie, and eating ice cream in the photos.

Evans, who was in Las Vegas in August for the opening night of the Jonas Brothers‘ Remember This tour with Ballerini as the special guest, donned a shirt with a picture of his wife. He captioned a playful snapshot with his love, “So glad I got to see the first weekend of her tour, the show is out of control great and I can’t wait to see a bunch more!!!”

“You can’t take the country (or the glitter) outta my girl ????,” the “We Dream” singer commented on an Instagram photo of himself and Ballerini in cowboy hats taken in Connecticut in September on her 28th birthday.

The two made light of their journey to the beach by pedalling about in a cab in October 2021.

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  • 2022

Ballerini’s spouse matched her all-black look by donning a black suit as they walked the red carpet at the ACM Awards in March. 


Just before she cohosted the CMT Music Awards in April with Anthony Mackie and Kane Brown, the “Peter Pan” singer raved over her hubby. Ballerini mentioned Evans’s constant presence at her events as emcee during an interview on E! News’ Daily Pop.

Kelsea and Morgan Relationship Timeline

“When I’m wearing that many hats [he has to be there]. He’s very steady, he’s very calm, and I’m like the Energizer bunny,” the Tennessee native explained. “I’m like always like, ‘Ah, what’s next?’ He’s very good at keeping me steady. Especially on a night like Monday, it’s gonna be needed.”

Ballerini helped oversee the show from her and Evans’ house when she tested positive for COVID-19 days before cohosting the CMT Music Awards in April 2022. Evans didn’t make an appearance on camera during the show, but he did pose for pictures with his wife on their driveway “red carpet.”

Why Did They Break Up?


“We don’t [write together],” Ballerini shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! about working solo on her music. “You know, because we do the same thing all the time so we already bring it home. Imagine, like, them coming home and you’re, like, ‘Hey, like this hook? You want to write it?’ It’s just too much.”

“We both show each other everything. We’re pretty brutal. So I can only show him something if I’m like, ‘I know I love this, so even if he thinks it sucks, I’m still going to hang my hat on it.’ But I think you have to have that with anyone in your inner circle. You need that brutal honesty to you know, to know if it’s good or not.”


Filings obtained by Us show that Ballerini filed for divorce on August 26; this date also appears in the documents as the date of separation. On August 29th, she made a plea to her audience for help. She asked for understanding in a post on Instagram Stories, writing,  “With very active schedules coming up, please be mindful that we are both fragile, actively healing, and showing up the best we can,”

Later that day, Evans shared his thoughts publicly about the couple’s divorce. “I am very sad to confirm that after almost 5 years of marriage, Kelsea and I are parting ways. I wish it were otherwise but sadly it is not,” he shared via social media.

Kelsea and Morgan Relationship Timeline


Evans revealed that his own life served as inspiration for his latest single “Over For You,” which was released after he discussed the song’s origins. “I recorded this vocal on the same day we wrote the song,”  he said in a single’s press release. “It was a difficult time in my life and writing this helped me process a lot of what I was going through.”

Additionally, Evans stated,  “I’d like to thank everyone that has reached out the last few weeks, both those with messages of support and those sharing their own stories.”


We now know that in late October, the two musicians came closer to sealing their divorce by signing a marriage dissolution agreement. Two months after the “Yeah Boy” diva initially filed for divorce, Us revealed in November that the musicians reached a settlement.

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