Cole Hauser Confirms the Release of Season 6 of Yellowstone!

It’s almost become a joke for individuals engaged in an incredibly successful television show or movie to subsequently declare that they never expected the success, but in the case of “Yellowstone,” that cliché seems to be very accurate.

Even Academy Award and Emmy winner Kevin Costner has spoken out about the show’s unexpected popularity, telling Deadline that when he made films like “Bull Durham” and “Field of Dreams,” he “knew they were good, I knew there was gold dust on the scripts. When I read the first script [of Yellowstone], I thought it had a little of that gold dust.” However, Costner couldn’t have predicted the show’s meteoric rise to fame, which has already spawned.

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Most-watched Scripted Series

It is arguable that Kevin Costner’s presence in “Yellowstone” contributed to the overall aura of mystique that surrounds the show and its creator, Taylor Sheridan. Costner, who was somewhat inexperienced with television at the time, had initially signed on for “Yellowstone” with the expectation that the show would stop after 10 episodes.

Yellowstone Season 6

However, when it became apparent that the show would be turned into a series, Costner almost abandoned the show. Because he is such a magnetic draw for the show, it is difficult to picture the show continuing on without him.

The fifth season of the show is scheduled to premiere on November 13, and Sheridan is hard at work preparing the spin-off series “1923” for its premiere on December 18. Fans have been wondering what the future holds for “Yellowstone,” and Cole Hauser has provided them with some encouraging information in this regard.

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Will There Be Season 6 of Yellowstone Series?

The fourth season of “Yellowstone” was the most-watched scripted series on any and all of television in 2017 according to the ratings provided by CBS. Those who are concerned that Sheridan may not have time to work on “Yellowstone” because of the many other spin-offs and shows that he is currently developing can finally put their concerns to rest.

Cole Hauser told People, present at the premiere of “Yellowstone” in New York City, that this will not be the final season of the show. An producer from “Yellowstone” reportedly told People that the reason Sheridan wasn’t at the premiere was because he was too busy writing Season 6 of the show. People reported that this information came from the executive (via People).

Yellowstone Season 6

However, fans become concerned when shows aren’t formally confirmed, and as of the 5th of November, Paramount hasn’t officially announced that the sixth season of “Yellowstone” will be produced. On the other hand, Paramount didn’t make the announcement that the programme would be renewed for a fifth season until four months after the conclusion of the fourth season (via Deadline).

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However, in light of Sheridan’s statements regarding the show, it is understandable that fans are apprehensive about its future. In the year 2021, he gave an interview to The New York Times in which he stated, “I know how it ends. I’m writing to that ending, It will go as many years as it takes for me to tell the story, but you’re not going to see nine seasons of it. No way.”

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