Wynonna Judd Husband: How Many Times Has She Been Married?

The story of Wynonna Judd’s meteoric climb to fame has all the makings of a classic country tune. In addition to her success as a solo artist, the 57-year-old vocalist won six Grammys with her mother Naomi Judd as part of the duo The Judds.

However, along the road she would learn that her biological father had been hidden from her, become addicted to food, see her daughter imprisoned, and grow distant from her sister, Ashley Judd.

The “I Saw the Light” singer ultimately made peace with her third husband. Below, you’ll learn more about the guy who won her heart and the two men before him who called her wife.

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Wynonna Judd Husband List

  • Arch Kelley

Wynonna wed Arch Kelley, whom she met in 1993, in January 1996. Elijah, their first child, was born to the couple in 1994. Grace, the baby girl they had, later got in conflict with the law and was given an eight-year prison sentence for probation violation. In 1999, Wynonna and Arch filed for divorce.

Wynonna Judd Husband

  • D.R. Roach

Prior to their 2003 wedding, Wynonna’s longtime bodyguard D.R. Roach was her husband. He was arrested on allegations of sexual assault and battery on a minor four years later.

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Wynonna filed for divorce from him five days after his arrest, alleging “irreconcilable differences” as the reason and listing the allegations against him on her website. A jury found Roach guilty, and he was given a 10-year prison sentence, yet he is still optimistic.

Wynonna Judd Husband

“I knew what I was getting into and I tried to change it. I knew that both Roach and I had issues with addiction when I married him,” she confessed after the arrest to Ladies’ Home Journal (via People) “I know my life. I know the people I chose, I know why I chose them and I really thought that I could change people through loving them enough. It doesn’t work that way.”

“I am obviously devastated. Our family will pull together, begin the healing process and hopefully — by the Grace of God — become stronger. We will move forward with our faith, family and our friends to find resolution to this difficult situation,” she said. “I’m now focused on saving myself and the children. It is hard to detach overnight. I’m healing in my own time. And so I do wear my ring. And I think what I’m teaching my kids is, This happened. This is where Mom is right now. And there’s always hope.”

  • Cactus Moser

Wynonna Judd and Michael Scott (Cactus) Moser have had an up-and-down ride throughout their ten-year marriage. The bright spot is that they were always there for each other, helping each other up and picking each other back up again.

Wynonna Judd Husband

This was the one that everyone looks for, and after a lengthy absence from this chain, she found it. At a private ceremony in June 2012, Wynonna Judd wed Cactus Moser, the drummer for Highway 101, in the presence of only their children. Wynonna wanted her wedding to be intimate and solemn, therefore she didn’t invite her family members, not even her mother or sister.

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After that, they went through a lot together, including Moser’s near-fatal bike accident. Amidst the chaos of the crash, Judd realised that her favourite sound was actually the sound of his breathing. Since then, the two have remained inseparable, growing closer with each passing day.

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