A New TikTok Fever Is Born Thanks to Ice Spice’s Bikini Bottom Single!

After attaining success with the viral hit “Munch (Feelin’ U)” (523.7K+ creations), New York emerging sensation Ice Spice poses a new question on her new song “Bikini Bottom,” which has caused the TikTok audience to go into a craze. The question is as follows: “How can I lose if I’m already choose (like)?” TikTok gave users a sneak peek at “Bikini Bottom” in the middle of October, and the app already boasts over 39,200 creations based on the song.

Bikini Bottom Song

The song “Bikini Bottom” was just released by Ice Spice a week ago, and the official music video for the song, which was directed by George Budford and published on the WorldStar hip hop channel on YouTube, has already received close to three million views.

Along with its one-of-a-kind instrumental, it has a hook that is both memorable and infectious.

‘How can I lose if I’m already chose? Like…

If she feeling hot, then I make that b froze

And I get a b tight every time that I post, damn

If the party not lit, then I rather not go (why would I go?)

If she feeling hot, then I make that b* froze

And I get a bitch tight every time that I post, damn’

The emerging star’s live performances, especially her appearance at New York’s “Rolling Loud” gig with Fivio Foreign, have been met with significant criticism. Her on-stage persona and breathing have been called into question by a few critics.

Ice Spice's Bikini BottomDespite this, Ice Spice has gone from one hit to another in her brief career, with her most recent single, “Bikini Bottom.”

The youthful rapper came to music while still a college student and was a superb volleyball player. The 22-year-old has a busy schedule of live performances planned for 2019. In the past, Ice Spice has cancelled performances in Chicago, Miami, and Philadelphia.

She will perform on December 3 in Rio Rancho in New Mexico, among artists like Lil Wayne and Kid Ink.

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