The Real Reason the Houston Astros Keep Getting Blamed for World Series Cheating!

The return of the Houston Astros to the World Series is hardly shocking. However, fans are keeping an eye on the baseball team to make sure they are playing by the rules this time.

According to The Athletic, the Astros made news across the country in 2019 when it was revealed that the team had been accused of deploying a camera in the outfield to steal signs. An ex-pitcher named Mike Fiers has come forward with information about the team’s cheating and how they were able to hide it for so long.

Reports indicate that a player would watch the tape, dash back to convey the other team’s indications. The team would signal the batter what was coming up by banging on a garbage can. Because of this, they were able to stay one step ahead of everyone else.

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What Did Fiers Say on Astros Cheating?

In an interview with The Athletic, Fiers said, “That’s not playing the game the right way, they were advanced and willing to go above and beyond to win.” After Major League Baseball investigated the claims, the organisation handed down a $5 million fine, removed the Astros placement for top draught picks in the future, and the team’s managers A.J. Hinch and Jeff Luhnow were also fired, per The New York Times. Although many strongly believed the team should have also been stripped of their 2017 World Series title, they were able to keep it.

Astros Cheating

Fans of other teams are now wondering if the Astros are cheating again. This is what we have learned.

The Real Reason the Houston Astros Keep Getting Blamed for World Series Cheating

Framber Valdez, a starting pitcher for the Houston Astros, has been on fire as of late. He now has the single-season record of 25 quality starts. Nonetheless, some who watched the game online (and the Phillies dugout) noted that Valdez was sweating heavily on Saturday night, and this led to a startling story.

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According to NBC Sports, witnesses saw the pitcher “wiping his forehead and patting his right hand,” which made some wonder if he was under the influence of drugs. After the umpires checked him out and found nothing out of the ordinary, he was given the all-clear.

“It seems like Framber Valdez is going to his right hand for a substance?” Hard Rock Sportsbook tweeted. “I can’t believe Framber Valdez was blatantly cheating on national TV and we’re supposed to be cool with that,” another user wrote.

Astros Cheating

Despite online speculation, Valdez addressed the accusations and explained that it’s just part of his tactics when he’s on the field. “Nobody should think it the wrong way,” he said during a press conference. “Those are just tendencies I do throughout the game, distracting the hitter from what I’m doing.”

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Regardless matter what the general public may believe, the Astros are winning the manner the law allows, as the player pointed out

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