American Soul Season 3 Release Date: When Will Season Three Premiere?

BET Network reported the season 3 debut date for American Soul. Returning with new episodes on October 18, 2023. Here is information regarding the third season.

New episodes air on Wednesdays and are 60 minutes long. The show received an average rating of 6.6 from the audience.

What is American Soul About?

According to Wikipedia, “American Soul” tells the story of Don Cornelius, “his Soul Train dancers, crew, and musicians in a cutthroat 1970s Hollywood, and how they worked, played, rose, and fell against the backdrop of the show most responsible for how the rest of the world perceived African-American culture at the time.”

The first season occurs between the first two seasons of Soul Train, which aired from 1971 to 1973. The second season begins in 1975, two years later.

American Soul Season 3 Release Date

The BET Network has not yet declared its plans for the television program “American Soul.” The concluding episodes of the third season of American Soul are expected to premiere on Wednesday, October 18, 2023.

American Soul Season 3 Plot

Historically, African Americans were not invited to the show, but Don determined that the risk was worth taking. He did not only invite a black person once; he hired them as musicians and vocalists permanently. Initially, he was unable to identify courageous individuals willing to violate standards of decency, but he eventually discovered such courageous individuals.

Don realized that he would reach a new level and contribute significantly to musical culture. Nevertheless, he also recognized that he seldom ever saw his family. The popular show consumed all of his attention and dominated his thoughts.

But how could he abandon the progress he himself had initiated? If he has the chance, he must influence the audience. He adores the fact that his group is comprised of people who are also passionate about good music and possess the genuine skill.

American Soul Season 3 Cast

Sinqua Walls as Don Cornelius and Katlyn Nichol as Simone Clarke portrayed the starring roles in the television series. Jelani Winston as Kendall Clarke or Christopher Jefferson (Jeffrey “JT” Tucker), Iantha Richardson (Tessa Lauren), Jason Dirden (Gerald Aims), Kelly Price (Brianne Clarke), or Iantha Richardson (Tessa Lauren) as Tessa Lauren.

american soul season 3

American Soul Episode 2 Recap & Review

After the dramatic conclusion of the pilot episode, American Soul returns with more 1970s soul music. After acquiring the rights to Gladys Knight, this week is all about Soul Train as the inaugural episode airs and the show prepares for upcoming trials and tribulations.

While the majority of the action in this episode takes place on the Soul Train set, complete with a selection of R&B songs to groove to, it’s the individuals around the show that provide the spark.

Don comes to the difficult discovery that securing executive sponsors to help finance the show may not be as simple as it initially appears. Worse yet, the record label warns Don not to permit Gladys to perform any other songs save those they approve. This presents Don with a particularly intriguing conundrum, as he is divided between artistic freedom and positional constraints.

Simone and Kendall perform Smiling, and Happy Faces last week and return this week without JT due to his family responsibilities and obligations. After flawlessly performing their dance routine, however, they are undone by a disgruntled saboteur inside their ranks. This carries over to the live act when a fiery Don Cornelius makes his opinions heard clearly.

The third and final storyline this week is the least prominent but has the greatest influence. When Simone and Kendall’s father was in Vietnam, early combat resulted in a devastating defeat for the army and gave these brave lads a taste of what Vietnam may have been like.

Late in the story, a bombshell is revealed, and Kendall pledges to travel to Vietnam himself.

This week’s finale features the exquisite vocal skills of Kelly Rowland. Although her portrayal of Gladys Knight is admirable, it is her musical performances that make her roles so captivating.

Her interpretation of Gladys’ Midnight Train to Georgia, slightly altered with a more acoustic edge, wonderfully nails the sorrowful tones towards the end of this episode.

Ultimately, it is the music that keeps this one moving, and American Soul delivers in that regard. While the score is occasionally predictable in its melodrama, the song selections and soul-infused soundtrack do a good job of offsetting any shortcomings.

It’s not flawless and some of the actings isn’t nearly as engaging as it should be, but American Soul is a generally good drama. Given the preview for the remainder of the season, it appears that the next episodes will be quite intense!


Was American Soul’s third season renewed?

No, American Soul’s third season has not yet been renewed.

When will American Soul season three premiere?

American Soul has not yet been officially renewed for a third season by BET. As of October 2022, there is no scheduled release date for the upcoming season. This does not indicate that the series has been terminated.

The next season of the show has not been confirmed or scheduled as of yet. We will add additional information to this topic as soon as it becomes available. Sign up for updates below if you wish to be alerted of the season 3 debut, and join the discussion in our forums.

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