Top 5 Episodes of Doctor Who Ranked!

There have been many Doctors during the various seasons of Doctor Who. Viewers of the science fiction series range from dedicated “Whovians” to fans of “Classic Who” to fans of “a particular Doctor” to casual episode viewers.

Casual viewers who don’t have the time to watch the full series or who want to get into the programme but need a fantastic beginning point will find that certain episodes are more appropriate than others.

These segments can provide crucial exposition, feature stand-alone stories that are excellent on their own, or highlight pivotal periods in the characters’ arcs. In order to get a sense of each Doctor, watch their pilot episode and an episode from the middle of their season.

Top 5 Episodes of Doctor Who Ranked

  • Blink Season 3, Episode 10

Even if some of the other selections on our top 10 list might be contentious, I’m very confident that this one isn’t. The Weeping Angels, one of Doctor Who’s most strange yet terrifying foes, were first introduced in the brilliant and inventive episode “Blink.” It was the best episode of the series and more proof of the show’s ability to exploit terror to great purpose.

Top 5 Episodes of Doctor Who

This fan-favorite is fantastic because it presents another another subversion of the standard Doctor Who episode format. The Doctor mostly makes an appearance through DVDs he filmed for this event; while this may seem strange and even foolish, his witty banter and insightful commentary on happenings he was only able to foretell at the time are pitch perfect.

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  • Silence In The Library Season 4 Episode 8

Some may disagree, but I think The Doctor and River Song’s story arc, which begins with “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead,” is one of the best in Doctor Who’s history. Steven Moffat deserves all the credit for presenting a love story that begins in the middle and concludes in the beginning.

Top 5 Episodes of Doctor Who

It’s worth revisiting the series after Peter Capaldi’s tenure ended, as the tale only improved with time. Even while I’d love to see River Song again (and I’m sure Alex Kingston would, too), I worry that expanding the series past the point where she last appeared will detract from the character arc that was established.

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  • The Girl in the Fireplace Season 2 Episode 4

The episode’s premise alone was intriguing (a spaceship is attempting self-repair using human body parts), but the episode quickly expanded upon that: Combination spine-chilling body horror, entertaining historical romp, and introspective look at the Doctor Who franchise.

The Doctor is “a lonely angel,” as Sophia Myles‘s Madame de Pompadour calls him, because he is constantly there to save the day but never sticks around to make friends. This episode considered what it takes to be the Doctor, both in terms of personal sacrifice and professional fulfilment.

Top 5 Episodes of Doctor Who

  • The Eleventh Hour Season 5 Episode 1

In the season five premiere, written by Steven Moffat, Matt Smith made his quirky debut as the Eleventh Doctor, and Karen Gillan made her debut as the instantly likeable companion Amy Pond.

Smith and Killan’s chemistry was off the charts from the moment they met, and “The Eleventh Hour” had the same fairy tale-like tone and confident, intelligent planning that made so many of Moffat’s prior episodes wonderful.

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  • The Impossible Planet Season 2 Episodes 8 and 9

You can count on one hand the number of times Satan (or more precisely, a creature that might be Satan) has appeared in current Doctor Who episodes. Even though The Doctor is never really sure if he’s in hell, the two-parter “The Impossible Planet” and “The Satan Pit” stands out as an unusual take on typical Doctor Who fare.

Top 5 Episodes of Doctor Who

Perhaps its usage of the woefully underappreciated Ood species, or its place in history, has made it a classic. The Ood play an aggressive role in the tale, and it’s so well done that I found myself wishing they were used more frequently as villains. Perhaps the fact that they were mostly docile was a pleasant surprise, given their outward appearance, but after what happened here, it’s difficult to view them as anything but dangerous.

A revolutionary new miniseries based on the Doctor Who franchise is set to premiere; Flux is unlike anything viewers have seen in the current reboot so far. The possibility of new viewers means that the best Doctor Who episodes from previous seasons that can stand on their own should be rewatched so that fans can get exposed to a wide variety of characters and storylines with minimal effort.

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