Who is Friend’s Actor Matthew Perry Wife?

Friends have provided us a variety of unforgettable moments, which our followers continue to enjoy to this day. The wedding of Chandler Bing (played by Matthew Perry) and Monica Geller (played by Courteney Cox) is widely regarded as one of the show’s most beloved and memorable scenes.

When the ratings for Friends began to rise, Matthew Perry immediately became a household name. With Perry’s Chandler Bing at the helm, the show is widely regarded as the gold standard of humour. Despite being at a peak of his career, he was struggling during those years. Now that he’s old, though, reality is starting to set in.

When it comes to romance, Matthew Perry is the polar opposite of Chandler Bing. Chandler Bing had trouble finding a date, but once he did, he married his closest buddy and they lived happily ever after. In contrast, Perry had numerous affairs with attractive models but was never married. Here are the models who he has dated.

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Who Has Matthew Perry Dated Till Now?

  • Julia Roberts

After being cast as Chandler Bing in Friends, one of the most successful television shows of the 1990s, Matthew Perry shot to fame. After achieving celebrity status, it was only fitting that he found a Hollywood actress to be his girlfriend; Julia Roberts came into the picture at this point.

After the actress from Pretty Woman made a cameo appearance on Friends, the two quickly became good friends. They dated between the years 1995 and 1996.

Matthew Perry Wife

  • Yasmine Bleeth

Fans of the television show Friends are aware that Matthew’s character, Chandler, had a love for Baywatch babe Yasmine Bleeth. After his relationship with Julia came to an end, Perry went on a short-term date with Yasmine for a few months.

  • Neve Campbell

During the making of the 1998 film Three to Tango, there were apparently some heated exchanges between the cast members on site. But by the time the movie was released in theatres, the relationship between Neve Campbell and Perry had already ended, as is the case with many Hollywood love affairs.

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  • Maeve Quinlan

The relationship between him and the star of “The Bold and the Beautiful” became quite intense. In 1996, Maeve tied the knot with Tom Sizemore, but their union was short-lived, lasting only three years.

Matthew Perry Wife

  • Lauren Graham

They’ve collaborated on a number of projects over the years, and they even had a role together in The Odd Couple, playing former partners.

  • Rachel Dunn

During the course of their two-year relationship, Perry and Rachel Dunn gave off the impression that they were engaged to be married. Even though there was a 14-year age gap between him and the former fashion student, they were able to make their relationship work from 2003 to 2005, at which point they decided to end it.

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  • Lizzy Caplan

It was as if all of a sudden Perry want more committed partnerships. Mean Girls actor Lizzy Caplan and Perry were able to keep their relationship private for the entire six years that they were together.

In 2012, the pair went their separate ways without fanfare. Despite this, Caplan and Perry started dating not too long after the end of Caplan’s previous relationship with Dunn.

Matthew Perry Wife

Who is Friend’s Actor Matthew Perry Wife?

In contrast to his other co-stars, Matthew Perry has never even been married.  He was engaged to his girlfriend, Molly Hurwitz, in the year 2020, and they were very close to getting married.

The news quickly spread throughout the internet, and followers were overjoyed for the celebrity since it meant that he had at last found the one he was meant to be with. Their breakup news, however, leaked only two days after the Friends Reunion. On the surface, Matthew Perry appears to be doing fine.

PEOPLE has learned in an exclusive interview that the Friends actor has broken off his engagement to the literary manager. Perry stated in a statement, “Sometimes things just don’t work out and this is one of them, I wish Molly the best.”

In 2018, Perry, who is 51, and Hurwitz, who is 29, started dating, and they became engaged in November of 2020. “I decided to get engaged,” Perry told PEOPLE. “Luckily, I happened to be dating the greatest woman on the face of the planet at this time.”

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