Black Adam Review: Did the Movie Received Any Positive Review?

Black Adam may be the catalyst for a power shift in the DC Universe, but the new picture has a low critical rating compared to Warner Bros.’ previous ten years of superhero movies.

The reviews for the new Dwayne Johnson vehicle, “Black Adam,” began arriving this afternoon, and the site that compiles these reviews, Rotten Tomatoes, has given the film an approval rating of 32% from prominent critics thus far. The percentage is 54% among the site’s overall group of approved critics. 

If that score holds, it will be the lowest for a DC film since 2017’s “Justice League,” which received a 23% approval rating from top reviewers and was so hated by fans that Warner Bros. commissioned a rebuilt version, “Zack Snyder’s Justice League,” which will be released in 2021.

The long-awaited Middle-earth adventure premieres tonight, and here’s everything you need to know to get ready.

Opinions Held by Different Groups Towards the Film

ScreenCrush critic Matt Singer called the film “pretty middling,” saying it “plays like a committee-made product designed to zhoosh up the stagnant DC Extended Universe with a massive star and a batch of new heroes to spin off into future movies.” 

Black Adam Review

As a result of the film’s two hours of dreary setup, the audience is left with a solid understanding of where DC intends to take its film franchises in the future, but little desire to see any of these movies.

Johnson, while promoting “Black Adam,” has hinted that the antihero will be facing more challenging fights in the future. Videos of the film’s post-credits scene that have made their way online have also generated discussion about who Black Adam might eventually face off against.

He has stated that he hopes to be more involved with DC Films than just in his starring role. 

Warner Bros. Discovery’s new CEO, David Zaslav, has made the future of the studio’s DC film slate a strategic priority, saying that the studio is looking for someone to replace Kevin Feige as the overseer of Marvel’s comic book movies for the next decade.

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According to Alonso Duralde of The Wrap, the film is “anti-entertaining” and is “one of the most visually confounding of the major-studio superhero sagas, between CG that’s assaultively unappealing and rapid-fire editing that sucks the exhilaration right out of every fight scene.”

What happens when Hollywood’s most risk-averse movie star collides with Hollywood’s most risk-averse movie genre?” is how Indiewire critic David Ehrlich opened his review of the film, which he went on to criticise. What was his response?“Exactly what you’d expect. Only worse.”

Black Adam Review

Did the Movie Received Any Positive Review?

Even Variety’s top film critic, Peter Debruge, gave the picture a positive review despite acknowledging that “the film’s sole objective is to give Black Adam a suitably spectacular introduction on the idea that he’ll be faced against a more deserved enemy shortly.”

While many critics have panned the genesis story, they have praised Johnson’s performance. In “Black Adam,” the actor takes on the role of a superhero for the first time, a role that seems to have been written for him given his buff physique and box office domination.

Peter Bradshaw of the Guardian said that Johnson is “a great superhero” because of his “massive bulk, planet-sized head and sly gift for deadpan humour all make him a great superhero.”

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In an article for The Hollywood Reporter, critic John Defore praised the actor for his dedication to “Black Adam,” saying, “his passion project serves the character well, setting him up for adventures one hopes will be less predictable than this one.”

“not even the pleasure of watching Johnson enter into a blockbuster template he seemed destined to dominate can make up for how generic, flavorless and incoherent this is.” Rolling Stone senior editor and film critic David Fear said.

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