Is the Release Date of AHS Season 12 Announced?

Fans of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story are becoming restless as season 11 has just premiered and learn the latest horrific story. Who would have thought that a show that introduced us to the, well, ‘world’ of cranking would still be on the air after more than a decade?

This anthology series has given us the best of the complex world of horror, and the team has never been reluctant to shake things up.

Season 10’s premiere, “Red Tide,” was fantastic, but the second half, “Death Valley,” was disappointingly plotted in the vein of Ryan Murphy’s uneven horror anthology series, “American Horror Stories.”

If there’s one thing you can bet on, though, it’s that American Horror Story is far from over. Murphy’s main show was renewed for an additional three seasons on FX in January 2020, guaranteeing at least 13 seasons.

“Ryan and Brad [Fulchuk] are the undisputed masters of horror TV,” FX chairman John Landgraf said at the time. “They pioneered the anthological limited series with American Horror Story and sustained its dominance for nearly a decade as FX’s highest-rated series.”

AHS Season 12

Is the Release Date of AHS Season 12 Announced?

The eleventh season of American Horror Story, which was released under the official title AHS: NYC, premiered on October 19, 2022, eleven years after the release of season 10. This show is so popular that it has been extended for a total of 13 seasons according to parade.

It’s unclear if the show will be renewed for more seasons, but a 13th season would be a fitting end. Till now there is no confirmation on release date of season 12, so we can not expect it until October 2023.

Those who have been following the show for a number of years will be aware, of course, that the release date of the middle of October is in fact significantly later than the premiere dates of the previous several seasons.

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Who Will Be in the Cast of American Horror Story Season 12?

Both Zachary Quinto and Billie Lourd have worked frequently with Ryan Murphy; Quinto has been in Murphy’s past seasons of Murder House and Asylum, while Lourd has made appearances in Murphy’s Cult, Apocalypse, 1984, and Double Feature.

In addition to Patti LuPone’s roles in Coven and Ryan Murphy’s Pose and Hollywood, the Double Feature season also included the talents of Isaac Powell.

AHS Season 12

At the same time, Sandra Bernhard has starred in both the Apocalypse season and the Ryan Murphy series Pose, and Joe Mantello has made appearances in both Ryan Murphy’s Holllywood and HBO’s The Normal Heart.

Charlie Carver has appeared alongside Zachary Quinto in two Ryan Murphy productions: the television series Ratched and the feature The Boys in the Band. It is expected that all these members will appear in season 12 as well.

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What is Expected to Happen in Season 12?

This is often the most intriguing aspect of American Horror Story, and there are currently no rumors floating around as to what the next season will center on. However almost all the seasons focused on the new fears and we can expect the similar in season 12.

While nothing is revealed about the upcoming episode, the American Horror Story creative team, helmed by series creator Ryan Murphy, is known for being devious and secretive about the episode’s topic. The storyline can only be guessed after the completion of season 11.

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American Horror Story Season 12: Trailer

The trailer for season 12 is not released yet. Here is the trailer of season 11 below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Did They Shoot Season 11?

Pictures show that at least portion of American Horror Story Season 11 is being shot in the West Village area of Nyc. A significant portion of the show, however, will very certainly be shot in and around the Los Angeles area.

Where to Stream It?

After its initial airing on FX, Season 11 of American Horror Story will be available to stream. The next day, or the same day if you have Hulu+ Live TV, you can watch the episode on demand or on Hulu. The season 12 will release on the similar platform as well.

Is the Title for Season 12 Announced?

The official title for the next season of American Horror Story has not been announced.

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