Rakhi Sawant Husband Ritesh Biography: How Fans Trolled Them?

Audiences on Bigg Boss 15 were taken aback when Rakhi Sawant and her husband Ritesh made an unexpected appearance. Soon after joining the show, the couple began receiving a lot of attention, first for their love story and later for their ugly verbal clashes and subsequent controversies.

She got married in 2019. People were surprised to learn of his existence after he had been hidden for two years. But today there are widespread rumours that what we see is not what is real.

The actress Rakhi Sawant has earned her reputation as “the controversial queen” and she wastes no opportunity to prove it. After the actress announced her marriage to a mysterious NRI, the headlines quickly began to speculate on his identity.

Ritesh Early Life and Career

Ritesh is originally from the Indian state of Bihar, although he makes his home in Belgium at the moment. He wed a woman whose name is Snigdha Priya in 2014, and the couple now has a son together.  Despite the fact that they were never legally divorced, Snigdha chose to live apart from him and his in-laws after filing a complaint of domestic violence against him and his in-laws.

Rakhi Sawant Husband Ritesh Biography

Although there is no official confirmation of this, Ritesh stated in Bigg Boss 15 that he is a software engineer based in Belgium who works for a global company and is a businessman by profession. In 2019, Rakhi also stated that she had married a non-resident Indian in a secret ceremony.

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The love Tale of Rakhi Sawant and Ritesh

Ritesh tells the housemates the story of how he and Rakhi first met. Ritesh starts out by explaining how his assistant Rakhi gave him her number as he was planning an event. He waited till later to give her a call. “Some things were not going well in my life and I was depressed. I wanted to speak to someone who is not from my profession or known. I sent ‘Hi’ to her and she blocked me.”

After a few days, Ritesh supposedly sent her a ping from a different phone and she answered. Rakhi continues, “That time I was depressed. I had a boyfriend and in 15 days I got to know he is a don. My mother said not to speak to him but he was after me. He was a loan shark and I was scared from my life.

He threatened to kidnap me. So I was seeking help from him as he told me he is a big fan and had seen my interviews wearing deep necks.”Then, Ritesh explains, they got to talking, and Rakhi proposed marriage.

Ritesh admits that he, too, had sent his friend’s proposal for Rakhi and threatened to deny it. , “I told him not to accept it, otherwise he will lose his job.” he explained. And then Ritesh revealed his own potential. According to Rakhi, Ritesh disclosed all of his financial information. “I don’t want anything. Let’s do it.”

How Many Times Did Ritesh Marry?

Ritesh admitted that he had married Snigdha and that they had a son together after he was evicted from Bigg Boss 15, but he denied all of the allegations of domestic violence and claimed that the evidence was fabricated. Ritesh’s confession came after he had been eliminated from the 15th season of Bigg Boss.

Rakhi Sawant Husband Ritesh Biography

He went so far as to say that his now-estranged wife was unfaithful to him and had two extramarital affairs while they were married. He was certain of her aim, therefore he stated that she is deliberately engaging in all of these activities with the sole purpose of smearing his reputation and extorting money from him.

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How Fans Trolled Them?

Ritesh’s background on the Bigg Boss set as a cameraman has long been rumoured. The well-known Khabri also highlighted this on Twitter. “Ab yeh afwaah kaun Phaila raha ki #RakhiSawant ka Pati #Ritesh actually #BiggBoss team ka cameraman hai.” the tweet read.


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Another tweet read:  “I thought they were a real couple until I watched Friday’s episode. #Ritesh told #RashmiDesai that #RakhiSawant proposed to him, and later in front of the housemates, he told them that he proposed Rakhi. They are too caught up in their lies that they are forgetting their plans.”

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One said: “ho vi sakta hai kyuki kisi vi angle sey woh multinational company ka boss toh lagta nahi hai.”

“Cameraman ni h y creative team k bnda h wrna aik aam bndy ko biggboss k itni kiya khbr ye smj rha k dunya ko hm jo b btayngy wo mann lygi sbse naklii insan na biodata h na kuch totally fake target krny aya hy jungli kutta kisi sy zror pitt ky nikly ga ritish nd rakhi btmz treen,” a user said.

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