9 Anime Titles Every Student Needs to Know

If you are new to anime, it can be overwhelming to find the title, to begin with. There are so many amazing ones to check out that one can get lost in scrolling through reviews. And even if you already have seen a good amount of them, it might be difficult to find those relevant to college life.

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In the meantime, check out one of these amazing anime titles that every student needs to know.

Ah! My Goddess

This is one of the best fantasy romantic comedies out there. The main character is college student Keiichi Morisato. Once, he calls the Goddess for help and jokingly wishes for her to stay with him forever. And surprisingly, it works.

Belldandy stays with him, which leads to many adventures and an exciting love story. Keiichi tries to balance college duties and the ethereal life of his new companion. It is very sweet and full of magic. The characters are lovable and easy to care about.

It is better to start with the 2005 TV series of 24 episodes (the proper introduction to the world) and then go to the 1993 OVA.


This is a title for anime lovers and comics enthusiasts. The story is set at Shiiou University around the Genshiken club. It is a place for “otakus” to come together and share their passion for anime, manga, and conventions.

The story starts with Kanji Sasahara – a freshman joining the club. At first, it is all about sharing the same interest, but eventually, he meets new friends and embraces what he loves. It is nerdy and has specific humor to it.

This is a perfect title for anime lovers, as they meet a lot of interesting characters here.

Grand Blue

University, alcohol, and scuba diving might seem like a strange combo. But it is exactly what this title manages to do in an intricate way. It is funny but also heartwarming sometimes. And it features a lot of realistic aspects of college life – from student parties to clubs and making friends.

Iori Kitahama is a freshman at Izu University, located in a coastal town. He moves to live with his uncle above the scuba diving shop. But the excitement quickly turns into dismay as college is not what Iori imagined it to be. So he finds himself in a pretty hardcore drinking lifestyle.

So what is it going to be for him? He has got a reputation to rebuild and a new life to navigate.

Nodame Cantabile

This title is one of the best anime about music and college at the same time. The story revolves around two drastically different characters – a perfectionist Chiaki and a carefree Nodame. One is all about being critical and achieving the idea, and the other is not here to play by rules.

They meet accidentally and start to develop a relationship. But it is not only about romance. The story also deals with artistic journey, living up to expectations, and self-discovery. A lot of students can find topics of ambition, passion, and love close to their hearts.

Golden Time

Banri Tada survives an accident that leaves him with amnesia. He has no recollection of his previous life, so he decides to start over and enroll in law school. And college life seems pretty normal at first. The protagonist moves to Tokyo and meets new friends, joins a club, and gets a girlfriend.

But as soon as everything seems to go well, Banri meets his friend from high school, Linda. Once before, he loved her. And the memories from old life revive one by one. This new life of his is turned upside down.

The Tatami Galaxy

This title has only 11 episodes, so it can be done in a day or during a dorm sleepover because it will keep you wanting to watch it till the end. It is a bit different visually and thematically from others in this list. It explores not only student struggles but also philosophical questions of time, decisions, and consequences.

Watashi is a lonely third-year student that reflects on his college experience. A lot of things could be done differently. And he suddenly receives such a chance – he goes back in time.

Now Watashi can live it all over again and decide how he wants it to turn out.

It is a bit surrealistic but also very relevant for those who sometimes feel lost in life. It shows that life is what you make of it in many ways.

Honey and Clover

The story follows five students that try to figure out what they want in life:

  • Shinobu Morita;
  • Yuuta Takemoto;
  • Ayumi Yamada;
  • Hagumi Hanamoto;
  • Takumi Mayama.

As simple as the plot sounds, there is nothing easy about this process of self-discovery. College is a time of exploration where young adults learn what they love, meet new people, and try new things out.

The five art students are in different stages at college. They balance school, friendship, love, work, and family life. They go through different adventures and troubles with grace and humor. It is a story with excellent narration and character-building.

Run with the Wind

The plot of this series revolves around college sports, namely runners. Kakeru Kuraha enters university and moves into a dorm full of running enthusiasts. They want to compete in the Hakone Ekiden marathon. It is one of the most prestigious races for students in Japan.

The only problem is that they have no previous running experience. Will Kakeru help them prepare for it? Who will win the race? Can novices even join it? All those questions will be answered as the adventures unfold. It is an exciting watch with a lot of attention to athletics, a shared goal, and coming together in the face of it.

Steins: Gate

If you are into sci-fi, this title is a perfect choice. Here you will find a mad scientist (actually a science student that calls himself that), time travel, and the butterfly effect. Rintaro Okabe finds a way to send messages back in time using a microwave. However, those messages change not only history but also the present.

As a result, Rintaro and his friends end up in a time loop and a murder. It is a detailed and captivating story to keep one on the edge of the seat. It is hilarious, emotional, complex, and mind-binding.

In Summary

All these series deal with student life but in very different ways. Each of them has a story to tell and a unique way to approach it.

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