What Does Face It Alone the Queen’s Latest Song Mean?

In spite of the fact that Queen’s music ruled the charts during the entirety of the 1980s, Queen has not issued a new project since the release of the album “Made In Heaven” in 1995.

It’s possible that one of the reasons why Queen’s “Face It Alone” was never released at the time it was originally conceived was because the message contained therein, in comparison to other Queen tracks that we are familiar with, isn’t as abundantly clear. This is something that we can say for certain.

Due to the fact that Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, passed away in 1991, it is easy to comprehend why this would be the case. On the other hand, a song that was recorded when Freddie was still alive but never released to the public has been unearthed.

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In point of fact, Queen is back, and the publication of their music “Face It Alone” has caused millions of fans all over the world to get excited. Taking all of this into consideration, what exactly does it mean to “Face It Alone”? Continue reading to find out more!

What is the Meaning of Face It Alone Song?

The new single by Queen has a title that encapsulates the overall message of the track perfectly. The song begins with Freddie singing, “When somethin’ so near and dear to life / Explodes inside you, feel your soul is set on fire / When somethin’ so deep and so far and wide / Falls down beside your cries can be heard / So loud and clear.”

In those initial verses, Freddie is establishing a tone of defeat for the rest of the song by discussing how the circumstances of one’s life may bring one down and the emotional responses it provokes.

On the other hand, Freddie doesn’t stay defeated for very long. The iconic vocalist inspires listeners to believe in themselves by delivering an empowering message in the chorus.

The late musical superstar sings in one of his songs that “Your life is your own / You’re in charge of yourself / Master of your home / In the end, in the end / You have to face it all alone,”.

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Burned Alive

After the rousing delivery of both the verse and the chorus, the song transitions into a guitar solo that can only be performed by Brian May. After that, the first verse is performed again, with the only change being that Freddie sings “your soul is set on fire” for “feel your soul is burned alive (Burned alive).”

Face It Alone Mean

The chorus is then repeated before the song transitions into the outro, which is distinct from the rest of the music.

In that passage, Freddie compares the aforementioned defeat to the moment “when the moon has lost its glow.” He emphasises once more that “You have to face it all alone.”

During the sessions for “The Miracle” in 1988, the song was originally intended to be a throwaway tune but was never used. However, Brian and Roger Taylor expressed to BBC2 that it was a pleasure to find it, as reported by Express.

“Yes, we did find a little gem from Freddie, that we’d kind of forgotten about. And it was. It’s wonderful. Actually, it was real discovery. It’s from The Miracle Sessions,” the duo said.

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Brian said, “It was kind of hiding in plain sight. We looked at it many times and thought, ‘Oh no, we can’t really rescue that.’ But in fact, we went in there again and our wonderful engineering team went, OK, we can do this and this. It’s like kind of stitching bits together.”

Following that, the duo proceeded to describe the music using adjectives such as “passionate,” “touching,” and “beautiful.”

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