7 New Anime Releases Students Are Expecting This Fall

September is finally over, and it means a shift in seasons is due. Now we are all looking forward to premieres and the return of the beloved series this season has to offer. There is nothing better for the anime lover than to come back from uni or work, get some snacks, jump into bed and spend the entire evening watching your favorite series.

However, before diving into the world of anime, make sure you have done all the homework first. But if you are not motivated to accomplish it, or you are overloaded with plenty of assignments like writing essays, for example, you can buy papers from professional essay writers from EssayPro so that you can make time for yourself. Now we want to draw your attention to fresh must-watch anime releases of the fall.

Spy x Family Part 2 – October 1

No matter how much people value sincerity and truth, lies continue to be an inescapable part of life. Paradoxically, lies serve as a guarantee of a happy family life. This is absolutely the case with the Forger family, whose very existence is sheer deception. Each member of this fake family lies to the others, hiding the truth about themselves.

Loid Forger, codename “Twilight” (father), hides the fact that he is an undercover spy who is working for Westphalian Intelligence – an organization devoted to keeping the peace between Ostania and Westalis. Yor Forger, codename “Thorn Princess” (mother), remains silent that she is a skilled assassin who is working for the Garden – an assassin group that operates within Ostania.

Nevertheless, the truth about their sham marriage and real occupations is known to Loid’s daughter, Anya, whom he took from the orphanage. But he didn’t know that she was a telepath whose abilities were created in an experiment conducted by an unknown organization.

The example of this fake family confirms that there is a white lie, especially when nothing less than world peace and the lives of innocent people are at stake!

My Hero Academia (Season 6) – October 1

One day a four-year-old boy realized something: the world is unfair. About 80% of the population has a special ability, known as a quirk, that makes it possible to become a superhero. This is Izuku Midoriya’s childhood dream he wanted to fulfill. Unfortunately, he has been bullied since childhood for being born without a quirk and has suffered from such injustice all his life. But he isn’t planning to give up his dream of becoming a superhero.

Everything changes when the guy meets his idol, All Might. Izuku discovers that there is still a chance to make his dream come true – inheriting All Might’s power. However, he needs to undergo special training and work harder than ever before to inherit the power. With his newfound abilities, he gets a chance to enter the most elite superhero academy. This is the beginning of his grueling journey to become the best hero on the planet.

Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen – Memorial Edition – October 2

This anime tells us a story about Guts, a former mercenary now known as the “Black Swordsman” who wanders through the magical kingdom of Midland. He arms himself with a two-meter sword, the Dragon Slayer, and destroys the hordes of demons hunting him along the way.

Without pity for himself or those who come his way, he moves relentlessly, driven only by an unquenchable thirst for revenge. But where does it come from? What burden do Guts carry on his shoulders? And is there any chance for a simple, bright future for someone who has seen hell itself?

“Berserk” is a dark and sad saga of fierce, violent battles, unattainable dreams, friendship and betrayal, and the sad fate of one man.

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War – October 10

Since childhood, high school student Ichigo Kurosaki has been able to see the ghosts of dead people. Despite this, he lives the ordinary life of a Japanese boy (if fighting with his dad every day is normal, of course). But one day, when Ichigo returns home, he finds an intruder in his room: “Soul Reaper” Rukia Kuchiki, who is a member of the mysterious Soul Society.

Suddenly, a Hollow—an evil spirit known for consuming souls—attacks them. Ichigo decides to make a brash attempt to kill the Hollow, but he is too weak to stop the evil spirit. That’s why Rukia steps in and shields Ichigo from the Hollow counterattack. After she gets injured, she is no longer able to fight. That’s why she decides to transfer half of her Soul Reaper powers to Ichigo. To her surprise, Ichigo ends up absorbing her powers entirely. This allows them to easily dispatch the Hollow.

Since then, Ichigo becomes a new Soul Reaper, which means he has to take up Rukia’s duties of exterminating Hollows and protecting spirits, both living and dead. Soon Ichigo discovers that the consequences of becoming a Soul Reaper are far greater than he has ever imagined.

Chainsaw Man – October 11

This anime is one of the most highly anticipated premieres each nerd is looking forward to. Denji is a typical teenager who dreams of pursuing a happy life and finding the girl he likes to spend time with. Though, this is a far cry from the reality he lives in. Because Denji has to pay off his crushing debts to the yakuza, he is forced to kill devils.

Ready to do anything to earn a bit of cash, he and his pet devil Pochita, which serves him as a weapon, start their journey. However, soon he will be murdered by a devil. At this time, Pochita decides to save him and merges with Denji’s dead body. This is how he gains the powers of a chainsaw devil.

Now he can transform each part of his body into chainsaws that give him the ability to quickly and mercilessly destroy his enemies. Thus, he catches the attention of the official devil hunters, who now want Denji to work for the Public Safety Bureau. Now with the powers he has, he can face even the toughest enemies, and nothing will stop him from achieving his teenage dream.

Mob Psycho 100 (Season 3) – October 6

Shigeo Kageyama, “Mob,” is an ordinary eighth-grader blessed with telekinesis abilities. One more thing – his psychic power is linked to his emotions. As a result, when Mob gathers negative emotions, he can hurt others. That’s why Mob decides to suppress his abilities in public due to their destructive and conspicuous nature. All he wants now is to be friends with his classmate Tsubomi Takane.

Alongside Arataka Reigen (a self-proclaimed esper looking to make use of Mob’s skills), Mob starts to cast out evil spirits. At the same time, he is working on becoming a better version of himself to impress Tsubomi and trying to figure out what the meaning of his life is.

Suzume’s Door-Locking – November 11

This movie is one of the best of Makoto Shinkai’s upcoming masterpieces. We will see the story of Suzume, a 17-year-old girl who is very modest and shy. She lives in a quiet town in Kyushu and is the one who tries not to stand out from the crowd and be as quiet as a lamb. However, this continues until one day, she meets a young boy, a wanderer who is in search of a strange and mysterious door. Suzune becomes deeply interested in what is happening and decides to go with the boy and help him in his difficult search.

It turns out that that door is some ancient artifact capable of opening passages to other dimensions. The door opens, and our heroes finally manage to find the sacred door in the mountain ruins of an abandoned temple. But due to Suzune’s carelessness, she accidentally opens the ill-fated door, which brings great misfortune and various natural disasters all over Japan. Now it’s Szune’s task to close the open doors.

Summing Up

This still isn’t everything this season has to offer, yet we recommend you to binge-watch all of them.

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