A Glimpse Into Jasmine Moosa’s Hard-fought Life!

Jasmine M. Moosa has certainly defied every traditional notion of a woman’s life on her journey, beginning with the fact that she was raped when she was 18 years old and ending with the label of “divorcee.”

Fitness was never only a means for the level three fitness trainer to improve her physical self; rather, it was always a vehicle for her to carve out a strong statement. She recalled how her life took an unexpected turn when she was married off to a man at the age of 17 years, whom she met for the first time on the day of their wedding.

She was originally from a distant village in Calicut, which is located in the state of Kerala.

Name Jasmine M Moosa
Profession Model, Fitness Trainer
Date of Birth 23 April 1996
Place of Birth Mukkom, Kozhikkode, Kerala, India
Religion Muslim
Relationship Monika Shami
Hobbies Dancing, Traveling

Life story of Jasmine M. Moosa

Jasmine was born in Calicut, India, to a family who practised Islam. She was allegedly ‘forced’ into being married at the age of 18, and she experienced violence from her partner, who was supposedly also a patient suffering from autism. Despite this, she was successful in getting a divorce within a year.

Jasmine Moosa

“The night after the wedding, when he walked into the bedroom, I realised that something about his behaviour seemed off. Soon, he tried to pin me down forcefully, and I screamed with all my might. However, in my area, this was considered common,” she told The Better India. She continued suffering abuse at the hands of her husband until she found out that he was autistic. The marriage eventually ended in divorce, but the echoes of domestic violence and mental abuse were far from being dissipated. “My family informed me that I was a burden and that they wanted to get me remarried again as soon as possible,” she added.

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Her Second Wedding

A storm’s end is supposed to signal a change for the better, and the uplifted mood that follows is often palpable. Whenever Jasmine mustered the strength to look on the bright side, something else bad always happened. The next man she wed fit her ideal profile perfectly.

Everything was going so well on their wedding night until he walked in, slapped her across the face, and began a nonstop sexual assault, she recalled. The suffering increased sadly every night. Daily, upon his return home, her husband would rape her. The picture of a marriage in modern India that is emerging is, in places, horrific.

She became pregnant in a matter of months. After being abused for so long, Jasmine’s pregnancy announcement was like a light of hope, giving her a reason to keep living. In the end, though, not much was altered. She told her husband, and he immediately became aggressive, kicking her in the stomach. She bled heavily for weeks, and in the end, she had to give up the baby.

She was unable to bear blame from her family and neighbours, so she left her house not long after the divorce was finalised. After some time had passed, Jasmine arrived in Kochi and began working in a gym there.

Jasmine Moosa

“I decided I needed to live again, this time for myself, I started building myself up both mentally and physically. The people at the fitness centre gave me all the strength and motivation that I had lacked my entire life. I made a transformation video that went viral, and the encouragement that I received from people who watched it further encouraged me to keep going down this path.”

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Jasmine M. Moosa Hobbies

Jasmine Moosa is a person who enjoys travelling a lot. She revealed on the show that she had received the call inviting her to participate in Bigg Boss while she was on holiday in Manali. The photographs she has taken on her travels are all over her social media accounts.

In addition, Jasmine takes care of her pets. On the premiere stage, where she was chatting with the emcee Mohanlal, she brought out her Lhasa Apso, Cielo, to make an appearance.

Who is She Currently Dating?

Jasmine Moosa

Monica, Jasmine’s partner, currently resides with her as part of their committed relationship. Even in her introduction audio visual for Bigg Boss Malayalam 4, she had already told the audience about her girlfriend.

At the moment, Jasmine is regarded as one of the most popular personal trainers in India. The celebrity clientele of the coach who works out of Bengaluru is extensive. She also has a sizable following because to the success of her exercise videos.

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“I have a job, an identity and people who love and support me every day. If I had waited for things to get fixed on their own, I might not have been alive. But my decision to live my life for myself changed everything,”

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