Dababy Dating History: Is He Currently Dating Anyone?

The fact that North Carolina’s DaBaby the Rapper has a soft spot for the ladies is common knowledge. If you’ve seen any of his music videos or listened to any of his songs, you know to expect at least a few words or visuals involving females twerking as a preamble to frequently crazy sexual action.

This is, of course, a standard plot point in mainstream hip hop, and it often reflects the real-life experiences of the rappers themselves, who are often idolised and pursued by fans seeking sexual encounters.

Most rappers “associate” with hundreds of women, but male hip hop stars still find time to cultivate close connections with women in their industry. DaBaby was an outlier for a time, but ultimately, even he succumbed.

Here is a list of womens DaBaby dated:

Dababy Dating History

  • DaniLeigh

In March of 2020, after the release of their collaborative single “Levi High,” DaBaby and American artist DaniLeigh were publicly linked for the first time. Despite their denials, the duo were again linked after being reported to have been seen at the same West Hollywood hotel during the quarantine.

Dababy Dating

After an online argument between DaniLeigh and MeMe, the mother of DaBaby’s child, things began to get unpleasant around this time. Subtweets were exchanged between MeMe and DaniLeigh, during which MeMe labelled DaniLeigh “obsessed” and accused her of banning her.

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A few months later, Danileigh and presumably DaBaby were photographed in public holding hands, and she had posted a selfie of herself in bed with the man.

In December of 2020, DaniLeigh posted a selfie of herself with the rapper with the remark,  “My baby❤️ idc”. to Instagram, confirming their relationship.

On the other hand, the singer declared she was “officially single” the following February. DaBaby has been speculated to be the father of Danileigh’s unborn kid, despite the fact that the couple has broken up.

DaniLeigh’s Pregnancy

The star’s ‘like’ on her pregnancy announcement post sparked the rumours. Those rumours were further fanned when she tweeted a photo of herself holding her baby bulge and labelled it ‘#dabiggest ????’ a wordplay on the rapper’s name that many fans took to heart.

DaBaby and his on-again, off-again girlfriend, singer DaniLeigh, got into a nasty online argument this week, which he broadcast live on Instagram and eventually escalated to the point that the police were called.

Dababy Dating

The couple, who recently became parents for the first time, appear to be squabbling in bed while DaniLeigh breastfeeds their newborn kid.

The charges against DaniLeigh for attacking DaBaby have been filed. Officers from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department showed up at DaBaby’s house yesterday night, and today they officially charged DaniLeigh with 2 counts of simple assault.

While DaBaby was feeding their 3-month-old daughter on Sunday, he called the police and accused the singer of hitting him, but the cops left without making an arrest due to a lack of proof.

DaBaby reported another incident of domestic violence the following day, prompting police to return to his home. When the police finally returned, they had enough evidence to charge her with two counts of misdemeanour assault, one for each of the claimed episodes on Monday and Sunday.

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DaniLeigh later posted to her Instagram story, “I left and me and my baby safe… thank y’all for the support…????????”.

After confirming with his secretary that she had really shown up at his home without prior notice a week earlier, he continued:

“Baby three months in, right when she was about to be born, I flew out to D.R. I ain’t put it on the internet, I didn’t do none of that ’cause it ain’t about that with me. It’s about the kids. If the kid is supposed to be mine, I’m there. This is all I know. I’m a stand up n****.”

“She was been supposed to go back,” he explained. “Been tryna get her stuff sent here, trying to move in. No. Been made it clear, looked her dead in the eyes, had calm, mature conversations. Like, no. This is not what we’re doing.”

  • B. Simone

Dababy Dating

In early 2020, after B. Simone appeared in the music video for DaBaby’s single “Find My Way,” rumours began circulating that the two were dating. B. Simone has been vocal about her longtime crush on rapper Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, but it is believed that they never dated.

Fans noticed DaBaby’s chemistry with Simone when he appeared on ‘Wild ‘n Out,’ and the rumours started up again, but at this point it’s still assumed that the two are just friends.

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  • MeMe

Through the years, DaBaby and his ex-girlfriend MeMe have become good friends through their shared circle of friends. MeMe, a barber, is the rapper’s baby’s mother and has praised the rapper as a “amazing” dad. But MeMe has been in the middle of a few scuffles with DaBaby’s ex-girlfriend DaniLeigh.

Dababy Dating

MeMe and DaniLeigh had an online fight after Dani and DaBaby began dating in March 2020. Subtweets were exchanged between MeMe and DaniLeigh, during which MeMe called DaniLeigh “obsessed” and accused her of blocking her.

Dani was accused of being a “homewrecker” later that same year because she allegedly interfered in MeMe and DaBaby’s relationship.

Is He Currently Dating Anyone?

There is no indication that DaBaby is seeing anyone at this time, therefore we can assume that he is single. The rapper recently ended his romance with DaniLeigh, and now news of his current situation as a romantic partner has emerged.

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