Rrahul Sudhir Biography: Is He Dating Nia Sharma?

Rrahul Sudhir is an Indian actor who got his debut in the entertainment industry with a role in the online series “All About Section 377.” Following that, he entered the field of television production. He was born in Jammu & Kashmir, his home state.

Actor Rrahul Sudhir, who is lauded for his performance as a character with ambiguous morals on the television show Ishq Mein Marjawan, says that he takes pleasure in playing a wide variety of characters.

Early Life and Career of Rrahul Sudhir 

Rrahul Sudhir was born in Srinagar, which is located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. At a very young age, he relocated from Srinagar to Goregaon in the Indian state of Maharashtra. He graduated from Narayan Mallar Joshi Vidya Bhavan in Goregaon, where he had been attending classes.

Rrahul Sudhir

After he received his degree, he went on to work as an engineer for the illustrious companies DELL and HCL. However, his desire to pursue a career in acting led him to Mumbai.

He tried out for a number of roles in films and television. It was in the year 2016 when he was given the opportunity to star in the web series “All About Section 377.” After then, he worked for a number of well-known websites, including Maaya, Twisted, Twisted 2, Spotlight, and others.

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After completing the online series, Sudhir went on to work in the television industry. He is most known for his part as Vedanta Tripathi, the main protagonist in the television serial “Rajaa Betaa,” which aired on Zee TV. Because of this show, he rose to a significant level of celebrity. The television sector is where Rrahul can be found working at the moment.

Full Name Rrahul Sudhir
Profession Actor
Date of Birth 2 October
Birthplace Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir
Current Residence Goregaon, Maharashtra, India
Debut All About Section 377
Hobbies Travelling
Favourite Sport Basketball

Has He Been a Victim of Casting Couch?

Luckily, I haven’t been asked for any such thing. I don’t think I come across as an individual who’s sort of malleable or sly to me just to do it for a gig. There were also some kind and helpful people, I will not lie about that. There have been tonnes of people, who have been extremely helpful.

I’m not me just because of me and my hard work. There is a lot of help, kindness and gratitude from so many people. If I start naming them, we’ll not finish this interview. It’s just the kind of support I got that I don’t end up in something wrong or something that I don’t want to do.

It (casting couch) never happened to me. I was always wondering, why didn’t it happen to me. Somebody should have at least said once but it never happened.

Rrahul Sudhir

Is He Dating Nia Sharma?

Rrahul Sudhir admitted that he and his Twisted co-star Nia Sharma ‘had a good laugh’ about their rumours of romantic involvement. He went on to say that he is unaffected by the gossip.

Rrahul remarked in an interview that he and Nia saw each other as “friends” and that the public does not get it. He added that the dating speculation is something he not only accepts but finds ‘comforting.

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Speaking to a leading daily, Rrahul said, “It’s not natural of them (people) to say that. Of course, that’s what they would think and that’s the most obvious thing to say but people don’t realise, I have had a history with somebody, who I worked with the most in the industry in my little span of work here in Mumbai. So, they think that ‘Oh, the association and now they are a couple and now they are dating, oh, they are always together.’ Arre, we are friends, we always catch up, that’s what we do.”

Nia has been quoted as saying in a previous interview with the Hindustan Times that she posts every aspect of her life online. “But if there is something that is not there, maybe I don’t want to talk about it or genuinely don’t see a point in bringing it out in front of the world. Not that I will say I don’t know Rrahul; of course, he is my friend. But I choose not to comment on this. If I wanted to, it would be right there on Instagram,” she said.

Rrahul Sudhir

What Kinds of Characters Do You Hope to Play?

I have just finished a project, which had me in a very very different character. He’s not a typical male lead and now I’ve started enjoying that space. I don’t want to play the typical male lead. I want to play the crook, I want to play the bad guy. I want to play the grey’s, the good. I want to play all of them, which obviously TV sort of gives you.

Either it gives or it doesn’t. I don’t want to go out and do something just because I want to do something. Like I said, I want to seek pleasure out of anything and everything. Of course, it runs my house but I still want to seek my little pleasure. It’s like a gamble.

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Fascinating Facts About Rrahul Sudhir 

  • Rrahul Sudhir is a native of Goregaon and has spent his entire life there.
  • Before entering the acting industry, he had a successful career as an engineer in a number of different multinational corporations.
  • When he has free time, Rrahul enjoys going on trips.
  • He is a nut about working out.
  • Maaya, Twisted, Twisted 2 and Spotlight are just a few of the many online series in which Rrahul has appeared.
  • Twisted 2 was a web series in which he played a key role.

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