What are you doing Papa – George Clooney’s Kids on His Kissing Scene!

The “ridiculous” experience that George Clooney and Julia Roberts had while filming their latest romantic comedy, “Ticket to Paradise,” was described as such by the two actors.

In light of the fact that George Clooney and Julia Roberts have been friends for more than twenty years, the co-host of TODAY, Hoda Kotb, inquired of the pair regarding whether or not it was uncomfortable to kiss “your dear, dear friend.”

Clooney, with a grin on his face, explained that “It is when my wife and kids come by to visit,”

Roberts continued by saying, “I mean it was the first day they came to visit,” “It’s like, ‘Papa, oh, Auntie Juju.’ It’s like — ‘Get ’em out, get ’em out!'”

“It’s really bad,” Clooney continued. “‘What are you doing, Papa? What is that?'”

The two individuals later disclosed that Clooney’s children were not there during the making of the kissing sequence. “No, they weren’t around,” Clooney remarked with a giggle as he clarified the situation.

George Clooney's Kids on His Kissing Scene

In the film “Ticket to Paradise,” the protagonists are a divorced couple who travel to Bali in an effort to prevent their daughter from being married to a man she has just recently met. Since their first collaboration in 2001’s “Ocean Eleven,” Roberts and Clooney have featured in six films together, and their on-screen and off-screen chemistry is undeniable.

Kotb inquired as to whether or not they laughed while they were kissing, and Roberts responded that they did chuckle throughout the kiss.

Roberts remarked “It’s kinda ridiculous. It is like kissing your best friend.” “Well, thanks for that,” Clooney interjected. “You know I was a two-time ‘Sexiest Man Alive?'”

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