Why Did Migos Break Up: Has Cardi B Stopped Following Takeoff and Quavo?

Fans of Migos were dealt a blow today when Quavo and Takeoff, who have also gone by the name Unc & Phew, stated that the former trio is now a two-man band after Offset supposedly left earlier this year. Quavo and Takeoff have alternately gone by the name Unc & Phew.

A hip-hop trio by the name of Migos was founded in Lawrenceville, Georgia, in 2008. Money and Offset’s breakup could have been due to one of them getting married. Paul Okoye of PSquare done something similar in the past, and it ultimately led to the group breaking apart.

Why the Migos Don’t Get Along With Their Former Collaborator?

A sample from their interview on Revolt’s Big Facts podcast with DJ Scream seemed to corroborate their new position as a duo. However, in a different and lengthier footage, Quavo explains why the remaining members of the Migos do not get along well with their former collaborator.

Why Did Migos Break Up

The explanation he provided was as follows: “We stand on real deal loyalty, and sometimes that sh*t ain’t displayed, This ain’t got nothing to do with no label, no paperwork, no QC, nothing. This got something to do with the three brothers. And sh*t, it is what it is. Right now, we gon’ be the duo ’til time tell.”

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Why Did Migos Break Up?

The trio did not part ways as a result of Offset renegotiating his deal with their label, Quality Control Music, at least according to Quavo. In the beginning of this year, he filed a lawsuit against QC when the record label put its name to the credits of his solo single “54321.”

He said that his solo content should only be distributed by Motown as part of his new deal, therefore QC’s addition of its name was a violation of that agreement. Regrettably, this indicates that whatever transpired behind the scenes will not be so easily rectifiable as a contractual issue.

In the past, we have observed similar circumstances involving organisations such as NWA, A Tribe Called Quest, and Little Brother. It can take a long time to fix such personal concerns; here’s hoping it won’t take twenty years to do so. Sometimes, it takes a long time.

Offset’s Appearance on The Tonight Show Sparked New Rumours

Why Did Migos Break Up

Migos breakup rumours haven’t stopped percolating at the surface. Offset’s appearance on The Tonight Show on September 6, 2022 allegedly sparked new rumours about the rapper. Two of the MC’s new solo tracks, “Code” and “54321,” were performed.

On top of that, Offset’s conflict with the group’s label, Quality Control, over his solo career has escalated. A lawsuit filed by Offset against the label in August 2022, according to TMZ, asserts that he “negotiated his solo deal and paid generously” for the rights to the music. A source close to Offset claims that Quality Control has broken their contract now that the album is out.

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The Migos’ cancellation of their appearance at the 2022 Governor’s Ball in June was a great disappointment for their fans. Unfortunately, the Migos’ scheduled performance at New York City’s three-day musical festival, Governor’s Ball, was cancelled on June 7. The unfortunate news was announced on the festival’s official Twitter page on June 7.

Obviously, the cancellation was interpreted by the social media community as confirmation of the reports that the three members were parting ways. At the time, TMZ reported that sources said the Migos had not dissolved and that the band members had just been unable to attend the event due to a schedule difficulty.

After being invited to perform, the Migos had to cancel due to Quavo’s movie shoot, according to a label spokesman. We were unable to coordinate our schedules because of this.

Has Cardi B Stopped Following Takeoff and Quavo?

When Offset and his wife Cardi B stopped following Takeoff and Quavo on Instagram in May 2022, speculation immediately began that the Migos were breaking up.

Twitter user @Kurrco spotted the unfollows and reported them to Hypebeast, claiming that Offset and Cardi B had stopped following Takeoff and Quavo. The Twitter user made the announcement on May 18, 2022, though it’s unknown when the hip-hop pair really unfollowed the person.

Cardi B and Offset have yet to restore their social media friendship with Quavo and Takeoff.

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How Fans Responded to This Breakup?

Following the rumors, followers quickly flocked to social media to discuss the possible dissolution of the ‘bad and boujee’ organiZation.

One fan wrote: “Migos breakup is the saddest thing I’ve read this morning”

While another added: “migos breakup not on the bingo card”.

Another fan jokes: “Of course Migos is bound to break up at a certain time T. If one member is Offset, the other has to definitely Takeoff.”

Some of the band’s followers were sure the split was an elaborate PR stunt, while others were crushed by the news.

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