Jake Paul Girlfriend: Which Women Has He Dated Thus Far?

On the occasion of Jake Paul’s 25th birthday, the world-famous YouTuber posed almost entirely naked with his model girlfriend Julia Rose, which resulted in the photo becoming viral and bringing him more attention than ever before. Paul shared his photo on Instagram with his more than 18.6 million followers, and the post quickly racked up around 800,000 likes in the first 20 hours after it was published. He recently entered the world of boxing.

Who is Jake Paul?

Jake Paul, a former YouTuber and vlogger from the United States, is now a professional boxer at the age of 24. Before Vine was shut down in 2017, Jake, like his older brother Logan, became a viral sensation on the platform. His subsequent YouTube prank videos and vlogs quickly gained him notoriety and financial success. Paul’s net worth is over $10 million right now.

Jake Paul Girlfriend

With a perfect 3-0 professional boxing record, he has also had a good athletic career. On April 17th, he had a first-round technical knockout victory over veteran UFC fighter Ben Askren. Adding to his spotless record, he has fought and defeated NBA icon Nate Robinson and youtuber AnEsonGib.

Before Logan Paul Vs KSI 1, Paul had a white collar combat against Deji, KSI’s younger brother, and won by technical knockout. His career is off to a good start, even though he hasn’t yet faced any true professional boxers.

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Which Women Has Jake Paul Dated Thus Far?

  • Saxon Sharbino

This American actress, Saxon Sharbino, dated Paul back in 2014. While Jake and his ex-girlfriend spent most of their time together off-camera, they did meet once in 2017 to make a video for Jake’s channel titled “a conversation with my ex-girlfriend.”

Jake Paul Girlfriend

  • Kellie Stewart

There were rumours that model Kelly Stewart and Jake were dating in 2014 after Jake tweeted about it. Some months later, the couple broke up, but the reasons for their split are unknown.

  • Amanda Cerny

It’s unclear if Amanda and Jake were dating or just close friends in 2014, but they spent a lot of time together. It would be strange for them to date, though, considering Cerny was in a public relationship with Jake’s older brother, Logan, for a long time in 2016 and 2017.

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  • Alissa Violet

Among Jake’s romantic partnerships, this is the messiest, and it may go down in Internet celebrity history as one of the worst. It’s still unclear which sections were staged for attention and which were authentic. Former teammates on team 10 Alissa and Jake appeared to be made for each other on camera.

Alissa posts a Snapchat video of herself with her things packed and explains that she has nowhere to go after Jake evicts her from the Team 10 house. Afterwards, Jake accused Alissa of cheating on him with his sibling Logan.

Jake Paul Girlfriend

  • Tessa Brooks

In 2017, shortly after Jake’s business with Alissa, he was spotted kissing another member of team 10, Tessa Brooks. A lot of people were taken aback by this news because Tessa was widely known to be Alissa’s closest friend. In a now-deleted YouTube video, she explained why she was departing team 10 in 2018 and said that she was over Jake.

  • Taela Dunn

In 2017, one of Jake’s videos featured a makeout scene between the actor and actress Taela. This was surprising given she was previously hooked up with Logan Paul in 2016. Despite their claims that their kiss wasn’t staged for attention, the fact that they haven’t been seen together since fuels suspicions that it was clickbait.

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  • Erika Costell

In 2017, Erika and Jake began dating primarily for the sake of the camera. Putting on a display of public affection in front of the camera was a tactic they used to increase their audience. For their followers, they even vlogged a mock wedding and honeymoon.

While their relationship may have started off as phoney, they claim to have acquired genuine feelings for one another along the way. On the other hand, they publicly declared their breakup in 2018. The couple later posted on Instagram in August of 2020 to announce their reconciliation.

Jake Paul Girlfriend

  • Tana Mongeau

In April of 2019, Tana published a photo of herself laying on Jake’s bed, sparking relationship rumours between the two. They were constantly in the spotlight due to their public connection.

They promoted their relationship by appearing in each other’s videos, continuously gushing about each other on social media, and engaging in public displays of affection while filming it. Due of this, they decided to tie the knot in July of this year.

On January 2, 2020, however, they posted on Instagram that they were “taking a break” from each other.

  • Julia Rose

Julia and Jake first met in December of 2019 when she was featured in this music video. In January of 2020, Jake appeared on the “Night Shift” podcast, sparking relationship rumours between the two.

Jake Paul Girlfriend

In the same month of his fight with AnEsonGib, they were spotted in Miami. On March 20, 2020, he came clean about his relationship with her. As of 30 March, he posted a video in which he claimed that she had dumped him and begged her to “take him back.” But in April, Paul posted a photo of them together, and it looked like things were heating up. 

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