Caspar Phillipson Net Worth: How Was His Performance in Jackie?

Danish actor Caspar Phillipson has worked primarily in Scandinavian films, but he has also done voiceover work and performed on stage. In the English-speaking world, Phillipson is recognised primarily for his role as John F. Kennedy in the 2016 film Jackie.

Philipson only has a ten minute cameo in Jackie, but his likeness to Kennedy has been noted. Since then, Phillipson has portrayed Kennedy in a short film, live performances of Kennedy’s speeches, and will do so again in the upcoming film Blonde.

If you’re interested in learning more about Caspar Phillipson, his qualifications, family life, and current relationships, you’ve come to the right place. Find out how much money Caspar Phillipson makes and where his money comes from.

Caspar Phillipson Net Worth

Name Caspar Phillipson
Gender Male
Date of Birth 13-Jan-1971
Birth Place Denmark
Nationality Danish
Height 1.75 (m)
Profession Actor

Early Life and Career of Caspar Phillipson

It was on January 13, 1971, that actor Caspar Phillipson was born. In 1991, he submitted his application to the Aarhus Teater, and by 1995, he had graduated. In span of six years, he was able to establish ties with Aarhus Teater.

Caspar’s acting experience is limited to the stage; he has performed in numerous musicals, including “Rocky Horror Show,” “Les Misérables,” “Carmen Negra,” and “Kameliadamen,” but never in a film. A lot of people fell in love with his voice, so in 1999 he started recording Danish audiobooks of Agatha Christie’s works, which became a huge hit.

A few years later, in 2002, Caspar became well-known and beloved among children everywhere as the Danish voice of the noble Kung-fu fighter Goku in the animated Manga series Dragon Ball Z“. Two years later, in the Shrek sequel by DreamWorks, he lent his Danish voice to the role of the annoying Prince Charming (2004).

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Aside from voicing Garfield in the Danish version of the Twentieth Century Fox film, he also provided the Danish voice of Nergal and Billy’s dad in “Grim & Evil” (2001). At the moment, he is best recognised for his role as Mortimer in the Danish television play Arsenik og gamle kniplinger (2002) (TV), which was filmed in “det Danske Teater.”

In addition to being a musician, Caspar is also a professional singer. He also appear as a featured vocalist on the Danish CD “Fiigs og Ballade,” which also features Frits Helmuth and other well-known Danish performers.

Caspar Phillipson Net Worth

Caspar Phillipson Net Worth

In addition to being one of the wealthiest actors, Caspar Phillipson is also among the most well-known. According to the findings of our investigation as well as Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Caspar Phillipson has an estimated net worth of 1.5 million dollars.

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Phillipson’s performance as John F. Kennedy in the film Jackie (2016) is mostly responsible for his widespread recognition in the English-speaking world. Even though Phillipson is only in Jackie for a total of ten minutes, many people have commented on how strikingly like he looks to John F. Kennedy.

After that, Phillipson went on to play Kennedy in a short film as well as in live renditions of Kennedy’s speeches.

How Was His Performance in Jackie?

Phillipson only had a ten minute cameo in Jackie, but the media immediately noticed his amazing likeness to Kennedy. After set images from the film were released, the Washington Post made the following observation:

Caspar Phillipson Net Worth

“That thatch of hair, those white teeth, the smile lines around the eyes — all very Kennedyesque. He might not be familiar to U.S. audiences, but he’s far more visually similar to the former prez than other actors who’ve played JFK in recent memory, including James Marsden in The Butler (2013), Greg Kinnear in the 2011 TV miniseries The Kennedys and Rob Lowe in 2013’s Killing Kennedy.”

Phillipson claimed that he had only been mistaken for Kennedy when he was in the United States, and that was why he hadn’t auditioned for the role until then.

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“I did a workshop years ago with Frank Corsaro, this iconic American teacher — he was the leader of Actors Studio — and suddenly, in the middle of a different scene, he said in this gruff voice, ‘You have to do Kennedy one day. You just have to.” Phillipson took Corsaro’s counsel and studied the speeches of John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy, whom he admired and saw as a role model.

After Jackie was released, Phillipson gave live performances as Kennedy with Danish biographer Anders Agner Pedersen, who would give background on Kennedy’s speeches before Phillipson gave them.

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