How to Get Hourglasses in Mystic Messenger?

Mystic Messenger has won over mobile players on both Android and iOS with its original, fascinating storylines and challenging gameplay that mimics genuine choice and consequence cycles. That’s part of the magic of Mystic Messenger, I suppose.

However, gathering resources like hourglasses makes the gameplay of Mystic Messenger more challenging than usual. If you’re wondering why you’d want more of them or how to get them in Mystic Messenger, you’ve come to the right place. Everything you need is right here.

What is Hourglasses in Mystic Messenger?

In Mystic Messenger, the in-game currency is referred to as Hourglasses, abbreviated as HG for short. The player can collect Hourglasses either for free while playing the game or by paying real money for them within the game itself. In spite of the fact that you can make it through the entirety of the Casual Story without using them and still advance the plot, having them can be of great assistance.

How to Get Hourglasses in Mystic Messenger

However, in order to access the Deep Story, Another Story, After Endings for the characters, and other forms of supplemental content, you will require them. The cost of an hourglass will alter depending on whatever country you are in and what the local currency exchange rate is relative to South Korean won.

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How to Get Hourglasses in Mystic Messenger?

Collecting hourglasses by merely playing through the game is a bit disheartening for anyone who plays Mystic Messenger for any significant period of time. This is a scarce commodity, thus many players will be frustrated by the inability to access the game’s content and travel options.

  • Accumulate Hearts

Mystic Messenger’s hearts serve as a secondary currency. If you collect 100 Hearts, you can exchange them for an Hourglass. When conversing with any of the game’s five playable characters, picking the right responses will reward you with Hearts.

  • Gather Party Guests

For each person you successfully invite to the party, you’ll receive an Hourglass as a reward. The catch is that in order to claim them, you must correctly answer all three of their email questions.

If you’ve answered all three questions in the email, you may send an invitation by tapping the guest list icon on the left side of the screen and selecting the person you wanted to invite. Here is where you can turn in your Hourglass for a reward.

How to Get Hourglasses in Mystic Messenger

  • Enhance Your Conversational Skills

You may receive an Hourglass if you have a pleasant discussion with any of the five characters. This appears to happen at random and is not entirely dependable. You can earn more Hourglasses if you put in the time to talk to the characters in the right way by selecting the appropriate dialogue options.

  • From the Prologue

Mystic Messenger’s introductory conversation, or prologue, is the very first conversation the player has with the app. You may receive anywhere from 0 to 3 hourglasses for finishing the prologue. A new game can be started at any time by selecting Start Over from the Options screen, so that you can continue collecting the timepieces.

  • Follow Zen’s Lead

When playing in Casual mode, Zen is the character most commonly relied upon to supply hourglasses. He is the most philanthropic of the bunch. If you follow Zen’s advice, you’ll need to stock up on hourglasses like crazy. If you commend Zen and strive for a satisfying conclusion, you can amass a respectable number of hourglasses.

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  • From the Christmas DLC

Purchasing the holiday DLC is a great strategy to speed up your purchase of the timepiece. Considering the fact that you’ll need 100 hourglasses just to unlock it. This DLC is still a good buy because it generously gives out hearts and timers. You may easily milk the pack for hourglasses thanks to the DLC’s two days’ worth of discussions and phone calls, eight unique endings, and much more.

How to Get Hourglasses in Mystic Messenger

How to Get Unlimited Hourglasses?

A hack tool can be used to obtain an infinite number of free hourglasses. People will be able to make as many hourglasses as they want with the use of hacking tools. There are hacking tools that are incredibly intuitive and need simply;

  • Incorporation of the Mystic Messenger Username and the platform you use.
  • When you hit the Generate button, the timer will start counting down for up to two minutes.
  • These instruments typically function around the clock.

Using this program, you can create as many hearts and free hourglasses as you like.

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Mystic Messenger: How to Obtain 80 Hourglasses?

It can be challenging to acquire 80 free hourglasses without resorting to a hacking tool, but there are a few methods detailed below that can help you do so.

1. One can buy them if interested:

For every 100 hearts you purchase, you will receive a free hourglass. You can also go for the heart trophies. This can be accomplished by inviting people to the party, as each attendee is worth one hourglass.

2. Join the RFA on characters birthday:

There is a free hourglass up for grabs for all players that log in.

  • Saeyoung – 11th June
  • Jumin – 5th October
  • Zen – 1st April
  • Jaehee – 28th December
  • Yoosung – 12th March
  • V – 9th September
  • Saren – 11th June

3. If you’re after free hourglasses, simply reciting the story’s prologue again and over will do the trick.

How to Farm Hourglasses by Using Prologue?

You need to read the Mystic Messenger prologue as quickly as you can to farm hourglasses. In the prologue, there are four free hourglasses up for grabs if you read it quickly, but more often than not, you’ll be lucky to get two of them.

If you’re patient enough, you can try farming with more than two tools at once. Your odds of acquiring additional hourglasses will improve thanks to the use of these tools.

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