What is the Process to Register for Pass Besafe Kerala?

A website that allows inhabitants of Kerala to apply for their Kerala Inter District Travel Pass online was recently introduced by the Kerala Police. The ePass registration form for the Kerala lockdown is now accessible to fill out online.

Those individuals who do not fall into an exempted category will need to fill out the registration form for a Kerala Inter-district travel pass. In order to use the pass for travel while the lockdown is in effect, you are required to present a valid form of identification.

Which is the Official Website?

pass.besafe.kerala.gov.in is the domain name of the official website for the Kerala Besafe Pass. The Kerala Police have begun accepting applications for the sole purpose of issuing travel passes during emergencies.

Due to the fact that Kerala is one of the Covid-19 impacted areas in India, it is necessary for anybody who wishes to travel outside of their home to get a valid travel epass.

Pass Besafe Keral

What is the Process to Register for Pass Besafe Kerala?

  1. Click here: https://pass.bsafe.kerala.gov.in/
  2. Access the Kerala Police emergency travel pass registration form.
  3. Under “Inter-District Travel Pass,” select “Portal by Kerala Police for filing requests for Inter-District Travel Pass.”
  4. Put both your names and the names of any other passengers on the form.
  5. Notate your contact information, the route you will take, the time of day you will leave, and the make and model of your car.
  6. Please provide the driver’s full name and contact information.
  7. Tick off “Travel for X Reason” and “Upload Required Documents.”
  8. Choose a jurisdiction and a police station.
  9. To apply for a travel pass to enter Kerala, fill out the form and hit the submit button after you’re done.
  10. Applying for a Pass Besafe Keral Gov In Inter-District Travel Pass will be processed.

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Necessary Documents for a Kerala Interstate Pass

  • Information about yourself, including contact details
  • Identification Cards: Aadhar or PAN
  • Any PoI document
  • Evidence of Residency in Kerala
  • Registration number
  • Information about the driver
  • Documentation identifying each passenger’s address

Pass Besafe Kerala

What Are the Eligibility Conditions?

A Kerala inter district pass can be obtained at passbesafe.keralagovin for the following reasons:

  • If you or a family member is experiencing a medical emergency,
  • Attending a funeral after a family member’s death
  • Reuniting with loved ones after being separated during a lockdown
  • Trapped students on their way home
  • Marriage you or close relative

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How to Check the Status of Your Citizen e-pass Application?

Follow these instructions to see where you stand in the approval process for your citizen or guest ePass application.

  1. To access the portal, go to https://covid19jagratha.kerala.nic.in/home/.
  2. Select the “Track Application” button found under the “Citizen” menu.
  3. You’ll be directed to a screen where you’ll be asked to enter the cellphone number you used to apply for the ePass.
  4. The next step is to pick an epass option that corresponds to the one you’ve requested.
  5. Enter the code shown in the captcha.
  6. Select the Verify button.

E PASS Registration Requires the Following Documents: 

Voter ID or Aadhar Card or The Ration Book or Passport

Include a copy of a government-issued ID, a medical certificate, or another document that verifies your need for the emergency pass as a single PDF document or an image.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Needs an E-pass?

E-passes are required for daily wage workers, domestic workers, emergency travellers, hospital visitors, and guests at funerals and weddings.

In What Ways Might Workers Qualify for an E-pass?

Workers who earn a daily pay, such as those in the service industry or in the home, should apply for e-passes either alone or with the help of their employers. Apply with the Station House Officers in charge of the area in which you wish to live.

Who Can Travel Without E-pass?

Those who have jobs in the “essential service sectors” are allowed to use their government-issued IDs when travelling.

When Exactly Will E-pass Be Mandatory?

On Saturday night, the e-pass system will begin operating (May 8).

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