Where is Sab Zenzele Kabili Application Forms Available?

When it comes to business-to-business enterprise empowerment (B-BBEE) schemes, SAB’s SAB (South African Breweries) Zenzele Kabili is by far the most comprehensive option . In 2010, SAB Zenzele, a first-of-its-kind empowerment scheme, was introduced.

There were originally 42,000 shareholders, and the initial investment and return value totaled R14 billion, benefiting 42,000 people. An investment of R100 made back then and allowed to mature after 10 years would have yielded the investor R77,518 after accounting for inflation and taxes.

As of May 28th, 2021, it will begin trading on the B-BBEE board of the JSE. To put it another way, this will increase liquidity and attract additional B-BBEE investors. employee stock ownership plan that would include current eligible SAB employees. The plan was to be implemented last year, but it was delayed until this year because of Covid-19.

SAB Zenzele Kabili Shares, Version 2, will be listed at R140, with AB InBev, the underlying asset, trading at R1000.

Sab Zenzele Kabili Application Forms

How to Purchase Sab Zenzele Kabili Share Capital?

Shares in SAB Zenzele Kabili are simple to acquire and may be bought with little effort. Investors have the option of purchasing shares from a JSE broker or any other trading platform that meets their requirements.

Official Website Link

Those who are interested in purchasing shares of SAB Zenzele Kabili must either be of African descent or be of Indian, Chinese, or Colored ancestry.  In the beginning, the programme will be open to participation from all previously enrolled Zenzele beneficiaries. The plan will be listed for an undetermined amount of time.

The principal brokerage duties will be handled by Investec. Trading platforms that hold a valid licence for listing BBBEE shares are eligible to function as other types of brokers.

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Where is Sab Zenzele Kabili Application Forms Available?

You can discover the form on Investec or any other eligible trading platform, such as Computershare, among the sites that you can visit in order to locate it. Additionally, any legitimate stock trading platform will have access to this, and the form can be easily accessed from within those platforms.

If the form is searched for on any website, it is also available for download. In addition, you can obtain the hands-on form here: Application Form

Sab Zenzele Kabili Application Forms

How to Trade Stocks With EasyEquities?

In order to trade stocks with EasyEquities, you must first become a client.

To complete the application process, please email the following materials to SABzenzele@easyequities.co.za: You can’t use paperwork older than a year.

  • Regarding Individuals

The Naturalization Affidavit must be printed, filled out, and signed in the presence of a certified Commissioner of Oaths who must also fill out the final section of the Affidavit and sign it before stamping it with their official Commissioner of Oaths stamp.

Please provide with a copy of your identification that has been authenticated as a true copy of the original by a Commissioner of Oaths.

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  • For Small Business That Is Exempt From B-BBEE

(Latest annual turnover was R10 million or less)

A certified Commissioner of Oaths must witness your signature on the EME-Gen-Affidavit, so be sure to print out the form, fill it out, and sign it in front of one before having it notarized. Please provide us with a copy of the Authorized Person’s photo identification that has been notarized by a Commissioner of Oaths to attest that it is an accurate reproduction of the original.

  • For Small Businesses That Meet B-BBEE Eligibility Criteria 

(Latest annual turnover was between R10 million and R50 million)

The QSE-Gen-Affidavit must be printed out, filled out, and signed in the presence of a CERTIFIED Commissioner of Oaths, who must fill out the final section of the Affidavit and stamp it with official Commissioner of Oaths stamp.

Please provide with an AUTHENTICATE copy of the Authorized Person’s identification document, which has been certified and stamped as a true copy of the original by a Commissioner of Oaths.

Sab Zenzele Kabili Application Forms

What is the Procedure of Verification of BEE Contributions?

Documents submitted by individuals will be verified by EasyEquities within seven business days; documents submitted by businesses will be submitted to Investec for verification. The outcome of the verification will be communicated to you as soon as possible.

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If a user has been BEE Verified, EasyEquities will add the Easy ZAR BEE account to their EasyEquities profile so that SAB Zenzele shares can be traded on the EasyEquities platform just like any other share. The moment your EasyEquities account is ready, you’ll receive an email.

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