Who is Taylor Swifts’s Wildest Dreams About?

Nearly a year has passed since Taylor Swift bestowed upon her fans her ‘80s-influenced masterpiece, and I want to say that I have spent much of that time trying to determine the identities of the people being referenced in the songs that make up 1989.

Since Taylor Swift released the teaser for the music video for “Wildest Dreams,” I have been going into overdrive deciphering the song’s meaning. And while one name may spring to mind instantly — yeah, Harry Styles — let’s examine Swift’s carefully designed clues to see whether they support the notion.

Who is Taylor Swifts’s Wildest Dreams About?

Despite rumours to the contrary, the song is not about Harry Styles but rather a former flame who begs their ex to remember them after breaking up. Taylor’s fifth studio album, 1989, featured the single “Wildest Dreams,” which was released in 2014. Together with Max Martin and Shellback, Taylor Swift penned the song.

The song’s subject matter is unclear because Taylor has not stated it is about a specific person. This is the caption for “Wildest Dreams”: “He Only Saw Her In His Dreams.” It’s possible that this is set after a breakup.

who is wildest dreams about

The song’s lyrics go, “He’s so tall and handsome as hell / He’s so bad but he does it so well.” This description is similar to the man described in songs which are said to be about Harry Styles such as “All You Had to Do Was Stay” and the song where the subject is in the name, “Style.”

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What Does the Song Wildest Dreams Mean?

The romance depicted in “Wildest Dreams” is doomed to fail. But Taylor isn’t quite there yet. He is the ideal man for her since he is strong and confident in himself in addition to being physically gorgeous. While they may be united at the moment, Swift anticipates that their time together will come to an end and expresses a desire that this man not fully forget her.

Taylor Swift‘s “wildest fantasies” allusion hints at inner turmoil over the breakup. Despite her outward willingness to move on (and “one condition”), she may be reluctant to truly let this man go. She hopes he thinks about her in his sleep. If she finds out that he had nightmares about her, she would know that the feelings they shared were genuine, even if they were just fleeting.

Verse 2 of the music video takes place indoors, away from the surreal settings. After sleeping with Taylor, the man gets out of bed and goes back to his acting job, which raises the possibility that he is just pretending to be in love.

Later, at the premiere of the film, the two of them show up, and the male actor is seen kissing another woman and wearing a wedding band, neither of which he sported previously. Aside from her wedding band, the lady is also wearing her engagement ring.

who is wildest dreams about

Taylor watches the movie with him, and when he doesn’t exhibit any signs of caring or affection, she gets in her car and drives away, with him chasing after her. She had had enough of him, and he now realises how badly he has wronged her.

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How Her Fans Responded on Tiktok?

“Hi!” Taylor reached out to her followers on social media. “Saw you guys got Wildest Dreams trending on TikTok, thought you should have my version.”

In the most recent TikTok craze, users are lip-syncing to the song “Wildest Dreams” while using the “slow zoom” filter. On, September 17th, Taylor uploaded a 14-second sample of the recording on Tiktok.

The caption read, “Some said slow zoom makes you look like the main character I said make it Taylor’s Version pls… Felt cute might drop the whole song later.”

You make a date in November with Red but then someone mentions 1989,” she captioned a different TikTok video in which she painted her nails.

who is wildest dreams about

What is the Name of Her Upcoming Album?

There shouldn’t be any big surprises left for Taylor Swift fans at this point. Two of Swift’s albums, folklore and evermore, were massive hits in 2020. Swift not only didn’t market either record, but she also tried some new things musically. Even the most devoted Swift fans probably didn’t see “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)” coming out today.

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Swift is now preparing to release her fourth studio album, Red, on November 19. The “Delicate” singer is recording a second album from scratch in an effort to keep control of her music. Fans of Taylor Swift’s music have been wondering for weeks if she will choose a single off her new album. The Lover singer surprised everyone by releasing a song from an unexpected album.

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