Who is Marcus on This is Us and Why Is Marcus’s Backstory Featured?

Rebecca Pearson’s (Mandy Moore) life and death take up the most of the time in the sixth season episode 17 of This Is Us. Nonetheless, the NBC series’ next-to-last episode also introduces a new character.

In both the past and present, the episode introduces Dr. Marcus Brooks (Luke Forbes), establishes his relationship with Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), and spotlights his scientific work. In fact, there’s a fan idea floating around that says his discovery might shake up the Big Three.

Who is Marcus Brooks on This Is Us?

The Brooks family is on their way back to their house when we first encounter them. Accident occurs, and unbelted Marcus sustains serious injuries. In the same hospital where Jack later dies from smoke inhalation, they are brought.

Marcus’s dad bumps with Jack as he waits to hear the news about his son’s survival. Continuing to demonstrate why he is the best, Jack assures the worried dad, “there is no lemon so sour that you can’t make something like lemonade.” Exactly what Dr. K stated after one of Jack and Rebecca’s triplets didn’t make it.

Who is Marcus on This is Us

Marcus and his siblings are seen in the current day, joking about how and why that expression became the family motto. Obviously, the little time spent with Jack had an impression on Marcus’s dad.

Concurrent cardiac arrest affects both Marcus and Jack. When one person’s life ends, another’s begins. Rebecca battled Alzheimer’s for years, but in a satisfying twist, we learn that the small kid who inspired her goes on to develop a medicine that is crucial in the fight against the disease.

In order to demonstrate how the world functions, we must acknowledge that sometimes events occur for a reason. The purpose of Jack and Marcus’s visit to the doctor was to save Marcus so that he may grow up and make a significant contribution to discovering a cure for an illness that affects so many people, including our dear Rebecca.

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Is There a Relationship Between Marcus and the Pearsons?

There are times when Marcus’s story, especially the highly emotional second-to-last episode, can feel disjointed. However, by the hour’s end, everything had become clear.

On the evening of the vehicle crash that killed his parents and sister, little Marcus is rushed to the hospital and rushed into emergency surgery. His worried loved ones are waiting at the hospital, and Marcus’ dad sneaks out for a minute to fetch some coffee.

Who is Marcus on This is Us

It was the worst night of Jack’s life, according to Marcus’ dad, and the worst night of Marcus’ dad’s life, according to Jack. Following Jack’s words of encouragement, the two men part ways. Sadly, Jack has a fatal heart attack shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, young Marcus, who had the same surgeon as Jack, recovers and undergoes a successful operation at the same time.

The Brooks children of the present day can be seen laughing it up over their father’s introduction of a family motto, which involves lemons and lemonade.

Fans will recognise this as a reference to a scene in which Dr. K (Gerald McRaney) comforts Jack and Rebecca after the loss of one of their triplets by saying, “There is no lemon so sour that you can’t make something resembling lemonade.”

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Why This is Us Featured Marcus Brooks’ Backstory?

Dan Fogelman, creator of the programme, has stated in an interview with People that he always planned to introduce another family whose life experiences were similar to those of the Pearsons.

“I always thought that this second to last episode, in a way that hopefully surprises, would tell the story of another person, potentially a child, who had survived in that same moment that Jack had been lost,” Fogelman explained. “It’s very much at the center of the show.”

Who is Marcus on This is Us

He continued, “So, on the very night that the beloved patriarch of the family died, [Jack] passed on advice that translated to a whole other family he’d barely know, for the family of a child who was saved that night. It felt important to us to have that story inside this very episode.”

As viewers watched, Jack expressed sympathy to the family of a guy who would go on to discover a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, the same illness that would eventually claim Rebecca’s life. What we’ve learned over the course of the show’s six seasons is that nothing happens by chance on This Is Us.

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How Fans Responded to Marcus Arrival?

Fans of This Is Us have a lot to say about the series’ 17th episode because of the shocking conclusion to Marcus’ journey.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “The doctor felt horrible when Jack died because he left him to help the kid (Marcus). But if he hadn’t gone to Marcus, Marcus would’ve died and wouldn’t have grown up to cure Alzheimer’s. God this show.”

A second voice spoke in, saying, “Marcus Brooks working to cure Alzheimer’s. I absolutely cannot. Only these writers could reduce us to tears over a character we’ve known for 5 minutes.”

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