Who is Beta in the Walking Dead? Things You Need To Know!

Casting some of comics’ most recognisable figures has been a challenge for The Walking Dead. It was interesting to observe how characters with particularly memorable attire or physical traits were adapted for the big screen from the comic book. A few examples of such figures are Ezekiel, the Princess, and Negan. Beta, Alpha’s trusted sidekick, was a particularly good pick.

Beta wears a skin Whisperer mask that only covers his upper face in the comics. A lot of people were thrilled when Ryan Hurst was chosen to play this part. His supporters had no doubt that he could do right to the role because of his physical stature.

Who Was Beta Supposed to Represent?

If you’ve been following the story, you’ll know that Beta, unlike many of his fellow Whisperers, has never taken off his zombie-flesh mask. Look At the Flowers reveals that Beta was a well-known country music artist before the catastrophe. True, he was a famous musician who went by the stage name Half Moon.

Who is Beta in the Walking Dead

Beta’s true identity was shrouded in mystery, but keen observers picked up on a few hints about his history. A fleeting glimpse of an album cover depicting Half Moon’s face was given in the Fear the Walking Dead spinoff before it was destroyed by a bunch of Walkers.

In Season 10, when Beta is killed off for good, Negan says to Daryl, “S–t. You know who that a–hole was?” Daryl remarks, “Yeah. Nobody.” Despite deviating from the comics with Beta’s origin narrative, the writers kept the villain’s A-list pedigree intact. Beta is a well-known hoops star in the comics.

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What Are the Key Characteristics of Beta?

  • Beta originated the Whisperers’ Faith:

Alpha located Beta in a deserted hospital where Beta may have formerly stayed. The walls are covered with inspirational sayings, many of which have been adopted as tenets of the Whisperer’s faith by Alpha and Beta.

  • There was instant chemistry between Beta and Alpha:

There is instant mutual comprehension between Alpha and Beta. Before the end of the world, Alpha makes it apparent that nobody likes her, but after it, she tells Beta, “I adore murdering with you.” When it comes to his relationship with Alpha, Beta is willing to put himself at risk in a way that would be unfathomable with the monster that currently stalks the last humans.

Who is Beta in the Walking Dead

  • Not Always a Monster

A heartless beast, Beta is the first creature the survivors encounter. Although he now grieves like a Whisperer, Beta used to be a normal man who experienced grief. By the time Alpha and Lydia encounter him, he’s not only a homicidal madman; he’s also grieving over the loss of a close friend. That’s why he’s been seen hanging out by himself in the mental institution, watching over his friend’s walker body.

  • The Mask of Beta Carries Extra Meaning

If we’re talking about masks, Beta’s mask doesn’t look like the face of just any random walker. The mask belongs to the friend Beta cared about but ultimately abandoned. Because of Alpha’s persuasion, he now wears the mask and may freely accompany his friend outside of the facility and even among the corpses.

  • Beta is completely devoted to Alpha:

Episode 2 revealed the beginnings of their friendship, which explains why Beta, who is roughly a foot and a hundred pounds smaller than Alpha, is so devoted to her.

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Twitter Mourns the Loss of ‘the Walking Dead’ Beta

Even the show’s villains aren’t exempt from death, as every fan of the post-apocalyptic series knows. In light of this, Beta’s death did not come as a shock to us. The manner in which he was killed, however, was unlike any other.

Who is Beta in the Walking Dead

One viewer wrote, “I really thought the walking dead was gonna chicken out and keep beta alive until next season but that was good,”

Yet another author stated, “The only shot of The Walking Dead that truly filled me with fear. The only villain in 10 seasons to actually scare me. An incredible, imaginative backstory and unstoppable, badass villain. Thank you for Beta.”

A different viewer, though, said, “I actually kinda like how beta died cuz that’s what suits him best; he was literally obsessed with the idea of being one with the herd, so he got what he deserved and accepted it like the true psychopath he was.”

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When Could Beta’s Face Be Seen in Walking Dead?

You could have missed this one from September of 2019 if you don’t watch “Fear the Walking Dead.” During the fifth season, Daniel and Grace hit the road. Skidmark, Daniel’s cat, and his record collection were in tow for the trip.

One of the zombies throws the records into the street when they are ambushed. Momentarily throughout the scenario, an overhead shot reveals an album with a recognisable face on the cover.

When teasing that there was something in the episode connected to Beta on “Talking Dead” in October 2019, host Chris Hardwick accidentally ruined the surprise for those who hadn’t seen “Fear” or weren’t paying close attention to the spin-off.

“Ryan, do you want to comment on, there’s a little bit of an Easter egg in ‘Fear 514’ that might be suggestive of Beta’s past?” Hardwick asked Hurst on air.

“All I can say at this point is that maybe Beta was a large personality in the world before the apocalypse and sort of letting go of that may have been tragic to his psyche,” said Hurst.

Really, that’s a fascinating observation from Hurst. It’s possible that Beta was dissatisfied with his newfound fame and how meaningless it was amid a zombie apocalypse.

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