Who is Lexi Rivera Dating? Latest Updates!

Given her line of work, there isn’t much we don’t know about Lexi Rivera. The YouTube personality with over five million subscribers has always been candid about her daily life.

The same can’t be said for her keeping her admirers in the dark about her personal life, especially when it comes to dating. She had been publicly involved in a relationship for some time but ended it before the new year of 2021. The signs are now pointing to the fact that she may have already moved on… to another content provider. Wow, that’s intriguing!

Who is Lexi Rivera?

American social media star Lexi Rivera, living in Los Angeles, has amassed a combined total of 18.3 million TikTok and 6.79 million YouTube subscribers. 20-year-old Rivera is 5’5″ tall and weighs 54 kilos. Her father is John Rivera, and her mom is Laura Rivera.

Who is Lexi Rivera Dating

Her father has a shop, while her mom stays at home to raise her and her siblings. The Rivera brothers—Blake, Brent, and Brice—are all well-known figures in the online community. Lexi has a 32-inch bust, a 24-inch waist, and a 33-inch hip. Her beautiful green eyes are a great match for her blonde hair.

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Who Did Lexi Rivera First Date?

The 2010s saw the beginning of Lexi and Ben’s relationship as a couple. They initially connected in 2017, but it took them another half a year to start talking to one another. In spite of this, they eventually became the best of friends.

They had quickly become the most popular pair on the internet and were held in extremely high esteem by their devoted following. After continuously featured on one another’s YouTube channels, rumours began to circulate that the two were dating due to the fact that both of them were prominent figures on social media.

The rumour turned out to be accurate, despite the fact that it was merely supposition at the time. In addition to that, they were always posting about each other on various social media platforms.

They coordinated their Halloween attire by wearing angelic-looking black clothing in October of the year 2020. They collaborated on a variety of sketches as well.

Who is Lexi Rivera Dating

Who is Ex-boyfriend of Lexi, Ben Azelart?

The ex-boyfriend of Lexi, Ben Azelart, who is also a social media influencer. To date, he has amassed over 5.7 million Instagram followers and close to 7 million YouTube subscribers.

This pair has been going back and forth since she was 15 years old, and they finally acknowledged their breakup with a video titled “We Broke Up” on YouTube. In November of 2020, they made the announcement that they were going their separate ways.

“I think what was challenging was we wanted to make you people happy, as well as make ourselves happy,” Ben said in response to their breakup. But, in the end, I believe we failed to achieve both.” He also mentioned that they both needed “separate” time.

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Had Lexi Rivera and Andrew Davila Been Dating?

It has been revealed that Lexi Rivera has a connection to the influencer Andrew Davila. Despite the fact that these claims have never been proven true, the two individuals have been acquainted for a considerable amount of time and have frequently worked together on films for various social platforms.

After Lexi uploaded a video to her YouTube channel titled “My Ex Meets My New Boyfriend,” her followers began to believe that the singer had made her relationship with Andrew official. In the video, she allegedly played a practical joke on her former boyfriend, Ben Azelart, by making him believe that she was dating Andrew.

Who is Lexi Rivera Dating

In addition, she states in the opening of the video that the two are merely “very good friends,” despite the prank that was played on them by a third party. Fans are under the impression that they are seeing one other secretly due to the fact that he is always filming TikToks with Lexi for their own accounts.

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How Did the Fans Respond?

In the video’s comment area, some fans couldn’t believe Lexi wasn’t actually dating Andrew in real life. “Realize how every video she pranks Ben like something flirty or something, she always uses Andrew lol,”  said one commenter.

Another said, “‘Lexi and Andrew are merely friends but you never know how love will end’ oh my they’re in love,”

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