Who is Lana Rhoades Baby Daddy? Latest Information!

The pornstar Lana Rhoades has been out of work for almost five years. Despite this, she has maintained her status as one of the world’s most well-known adult cinema stars. After leaving the porn profession, she became a YouTuber and podcaster, where she now earns much more money than she ever did in the porn industry.

Rhoades created a stir when she said an NBA star is the father of her 8-month-old child. Her TikTok post about it sparked widespread interest among NBA fans, who have been trying to guess the name of the player ever since. Because she didn’t want the player’s career to suffer, the former adult star would not expose his identity.

Who is Lana Rhoades Baby Daddy

The Father of the Child is a Famous NBA Player

While he and Majlak were chatting with guest Charlamagne Da God on a recent episode of ‘Impaulsive,’ Logan Paul let slip the name of Lana Rhoades‘ baby daddy. Mike was shocking the “Breakfast Club” presenter by admitting he was romantically involved with the porn star. Mike then told Charlamagne, “She’s doing good, she’s got a baby with a big name NBA star.”

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Next, the co-host of “Breakfast Club” posed the question: “Really? Who’s the player?” The name was stated by Logan Paul, but was censored. Charlamagne’s reaction and the brevity of the bleep both suggest a player whose name or nickname is similarly brief.

“I swear to God I thought NBA players were nice guys. Next thing you know, I said, ‘I’m pregnant’ … And he told me to go F myself.” – Rhoades’ TikTok video caption.

Who Could Be the Baby Daddy?

Many prominent NBA players have been accused of having an affair with Lana Rhoades. There is no proof any of them is the father, although it is possible that one of them is. Here are the two individuals that have been linked to the adult film actress Lana Rhoades.

  • Kevin Durant

It is possible that Kevin Durant is the father of Lana Rhoades’ child. The mom claims that the child’s dad is a famous NBA player. Given that the player’s father is a Libra, he or she likely has a birth date in the range of September 22–October 23. The NBA athlete is a member of the Brooklyn Nets, as was also confirmed by Rhoades. Kevin Durant, a Libra, is a star player with the Nets.

  • Blake Griffin

As a free agent, Blake Griffin has not played for any team since leaving the Nets. The former Slam Dunk champion may have became a father during his year and a half in Brooklyn, but he did not accomplish anything.

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There have been whispers that Blake Griffin is the father of Lana Rhoades’ child because the two dated in the past. Griffin is already a father to two younglings. The six-time All-Star has been compared to Lana Rhoades’ offspring by some people.

Why is Tristan in the Suspect List?

This was a major catalyst in fans thinking other NBA stars, including Tristan, 31, to be the father of her son. Fans pointed out that Tristan could be treating Rhoades’ son the same way he does his newborn child, as her video appeared to criticise her ex-boyfriend for not being involved with the child.

While dating Khloe Kardashian, 38, at the time, he had an affair with Maralee Nichols, 31, and the two had a kid together. Despite the fact that Maralee gave birth to their son Theo in December, Maralee maintains that Tristan has never seen his son.

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Khloe’s decision to conceive a second child with Tristan via a surrogate mother was made before she found out about the scandal. They have a daughter named True, who is four years old.

Fan speculation has included other NBA players, such as Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets, but Lana has yet to comment on the speculation that Tristan is the father of her unborn child.

Since Lana Rhoades has chosen to conceal the father’s identity, he is not helping out with the baby’s care. Although she has made much ado about a former date that went wrong with Kevin Durant.

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